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Wednesday, 06 March 2019 12:09
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SKYLAND — Chris Gaubatz, undercover agent in the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and author of the book “Muslim Mafia” (telling of that experience), described on Feb. 12 the threat to this nation’s future posed by jihadis workng slyly to impose Islam’s Sharia law throughout the United States — and those in the U.S. government who cooperate with them.

His talk, which drew about 60 people to the Skyland Fire Department, was hosted by the Asheville Tea Party. On the following night, about 55 people were scheduled to hear him at a repeat of the address in Hendersonville.

Afterward, he fielded questions and ended the session with a book-signing. His book was available for sale at the meeting.

ATP Chair Jane Bilello, who introduced Gaubatz, began the meeting by noting that “we are the Asheville Tea Party and we also are a state and federal PAC (political action committee).” She said the ATP has “almost 1,500 subscribers on our newsletter list.”

Next, Bilello thanked the Buncombe County Republican Women’s Club for the snacks and refreshments served before the meeting.

Bilello triggered applause when she added, “We were one of the 100 tea parties across the country that stood firm” — and won — in a dispute with the IRS over their tax-exempt status.

“The ‘looney tunes’ (radical leftists) were running after us,” during the (Brett) Kavanaugh proceedings,” which she attended. “It was just awful to see how they behaved.”

Next, she noted, “We actually had a conference call recently with President (Donald) Trump,” regarding his support for the wall along the United States’ border with Mexico.

Speaking in general terms, Bilello quoted Edmund Burke’s famous saying, “The only thing evil needs to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing.”

Regarding Gaubatz, Bilello said, “He’s a real hero. He did put his life on the line for us....” Then she read from a statement a summary of his qualifications, jobs and accomplishments.

“As the lead in one of the most dangerous undercover operations,” Bilello said of Gaubatz, she noted that he “revealed clear patterns of fraud, sedition and terrorism.”

After Bilello finished her introduction with a flourish by saying, “So it is an absolute privelege and pleasure to introduce this incredible guy,” the meeting’s attendees applauded as Gaubatz began his presentation 

Beginning his talk 23 minutes into the meeting featuring him, Gaubatz said, “I’m really soft-spoken, which is great for undercover work, but not so good for public speaking. But I’ll try to speak up.

“When I first began this, we were warning people that this was a bigger issue.

“I was always puzzled by the fact that this was a political issue. From my perspective this was nothing new — the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The president (George W. Bush) said the (9/11) attacks had nothing to do with Islam — even though the jihadis said the attacks had everything to do with Islam....”

“What I hope to do tonight” is make it clear that “jihad is not our problem. It is a problem. We don’t know who we are as a nation. What our values are. What our law is based upon. And we certainly don’t know our enemy....

“If you call out a jihadi, you’re called an ‘Islamaphobe.’

“Forty-four percent of (the generation known as) Millenials prefer socialism over capitalism. How’d that happen?”

Many in the audience laughed when he asserted, “When you go home tonight, compare the platforms of the Communist Party USA and the DNC (Democratic National Committee) — and tell me the difference.”

He read a mix of excerpts from the CPU and  the DNC — asking athe crowd which is which — and then playfully added “the AOC,” a playful-but-serious reference to U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY.

Gaubatz said there “is a complete and catastrophic failure to root out Marxists in this country. We have an existentialist crisis on our hands right now. Are we going the way of Venezuela or the way of the Founders” of the U.S.?

“With that good news, I’m going to talk about jihadists. So… How did I get involved in this? Never in a million years did I think I’d be sitting in front of a bunch of U.S. senators, testifying about jihadis,” but that is what happened to him. Gaubatz said previously had been working on check cashing fraud and other more prosaic law enforcement tasks.

“I had the good fortune of being raised by a patriot,” he said in reference to his father, David

“Then, 9/11 occurred and the Air Force was asking for agents to come out of retirement… to become a U.S. State Department-trained …. Arabic linguist.”

Gaubatz said that is when his father “put his life on the line... My father was part of the group that helped the Marines come in and save the Muslim family.” At that, the meeting’s attendees applauded.

“These Muslims had put their lives on the line and were protected by the military till they came to United States....

“We are not doing any Muslims any favors by not speaking the truth about Muslims.

“I will always speak truthfully about what Islam is. Because you have a lot of people who self-identify as Islam and don’t know about Sharia” law.

(After Gaubatz’s talk, the Daily Planet checked the website, which stated, “Sharia, the fundamental religious concept of Islam, namely its law, systematized during the 2nd and 3rd centuries of the Muslim era (8th–9th centuries CE).

(“Total and unqualified submission to the will of Allah (God) is the fundamental tenet of Islam: Islamic law is therefore the expression of Allah’s command for Muslim society and, in application, constitutes a system of duties that are incumbent upon a Muslim by virtue of his religious belief. Known as the Shar??ah (literally, “the path leading to the watering place”), the law constitutes a divinely ordained path of conduct that guides Muslims toward a practical expression of religious conviction in this world and the goal of divine favour in the world to come.”)

In his talk at Skyland, Gaubatz said, “So my father goes into a war… even though he never had been trained on any jihadi” background.

“Some of the enemy were in suits lecturing at the Pentagon. He wanted to know why that was.

“All of these groups are saying the same thing — that Muslims are forming a jihadi state under Sharia” law, he said his father learned, adding that his father also wondered, “How is it that all of these groups are getting their Muslim wrong?

“My father needed someone he could trust for a project — a six-month undercover operation ... to pose as a Muslim convert” at a mosque in Northern Virginia.

That was to be his son.

Next, Gaubatz asserted, “Abdurahman Alamoudi — this should be the most important name known by Americans. No other Islamic leader than Abdurahman Alamoudi visited the White House in the 1990s more” often. “In 2003, he had a bag with tons of money — and it was revealed he was an  Al Qaeda financier.

“In many respects both sides of the political aisle (Republicans and Democrats) failed,” Gaubatz said, but he did make one exception — current U.S. President Donald J. Trump. (Upon his praise of Trump, many of the program’s attendees applauded.)

“We failed to address…. The Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘bread-and-butter’ in the United States… Anybody been reading jihadi writings from the ‘80s and ‘90s? If you did read these books,” one would notice that the authors stressed “all of these groups’ one goal — to establish a jihadi state under Sharia” in the U.S.

Gaubatz  added, “That’s what happens if you don’t understand your enemies... Again, the more you hear me, the worse it gets... Their sole purpose was to restore the caliphate. They started in Cairo, Egypt. They actually achieved their goal in Egypt for a very short time.”

He reiterated that the jihadis “seek to establish Allah’s law of the land ,which is, again, (to impose) Sharia” throughout the U.S.

“If that’s all you knew about the Muslim Brotherhood, should anybody who’s a member have security clearance or be advising us?” he asked, rhetorically.

“Because I have law enforcement training, facts and evidence are sort of important.... In 2001, the largest Muslim charity foundation operating in the United States was funneling huge amounts of funds to the Muslim Brotherhood

“The process of settlement... their work in America ... is a sort of grand jihad — transforming (this nation) through their hands by our hands.

“I want to be very clear. Do I fear the Muslim Brotherhood will take over the country tomorrow? No!

“Do I fear they will wield influence on us? Yes!”

Repeatedly during his talk, Gaubatz verbally slammed then-President George W. Bush for, upon awaking after 9/11 bombings, “failing to see a clear picture of what was happening” and, out of political correctness, going easy on Muslims and even including some in his inner circle of advisers.

“I’m a conservative,” Gaubatz noted. “Many of the (conservative establishment leaders talk a great game, but then do things like this — the Paul Ryans, the Bushes, the John McCains.... Trump actually is doing what he said he would do.

“If it’s true that jihad and killing in the name of Allah, then we can nip that one in the bud. What if it’s not true? Why do we have a 1,400-year problem?

“Rather than buying (the book) ‘Islam for Dummies’ at Barnes & Noble (bookstore), you’d be better off going to your local mosque and buying a copy of ‘Reliance of the Traveler on Islamic Law.’”

He added, “I did a fake conversion. I’m a Christian — not a Muslim....

“When President Obama gives his Cairo speech, where’s he giving it? Alazar When the pope speaks in Cairo, where’s he giving it? Alazar.”

What’s more, Gaubatz said, “What are we told by (poitically correct) groups — that  jihad means, ‘inner struggle,’ right?

“So if you’re a college student and you don’t feel like studying, that’s ‘jihad,’ right?” he quipped, as the program attendees laughed.

More seriously, he asked, “Who came here tonight, itching to read Sharia?” No hands were raised by audience members, but there was some laughter at the very notion of his question.

“‘Jihad’ means the war against non-Muslima, signifying the war to establish Islam.

“What does the word “Islam” mean? It means ‘submission.’ A Muslim is one who submits. How does a Muslim submit to Allah? By following Islam’s divine law — Sharia. Whatever Mohammed said, did, behaved ... is (considered by Muslims) good behavior for all time.

“So, as a perfect example, Mohammed begins teaching this new religion in 610 (A.D.) in Mecca. He got about 121 followers in his years of teaching. Then he moves from Mecca to Medina in 622 (A.D.). That’s when” the Islam movement blossomed. 

“Anything that happened in Medina overruled whatever happened in Mecca.”

Regarding the term “Dar al-Islam,” he said it means “all lands under Islam.” And “all lands not under Islam ... is called ‘the house of war’.... No Islamic scholar disagrees on what I just said.”

Gaubatz then reiterated, as he did throghout his talk several times that “‘jihad’ means warfare against non-Muslims.”

He added, “Islam has always defined itself as a way of life. So when they have a legal definition, there is the definition in The Koran and the Sunan,” another sacred text of Islam.

“Fighting is prescribed for you,” he said, noting that Islam holy books include such phrases as: “Slay them where you find them.”

He said  the term“sahih” signifies situations “where the majority of Muslim scholars agree on what Mohammed said.” on a certain matter.

Islam teaches that “to fight in the path of Allah is better than the whole world and everything in it,” Gaubatz said, also noting that there are references to “the spoils of battle, including sex slaves.”

After another pause, he asked, “Does any of this sound like ‘inner struggle?’” His question was greeted by laughter from the audeince.

“What President Bush said as commander in chief — that this had nothing to do with Islam” is a travesty, Gaubatz said.

“For me, it’s not significant what President Bush said. It was significant who was standing with him... In 1993, the FBI was surveilling attendees of a meeting, all of whom were Hamas members,” including Nihad Awad and Omar Omachman, the two co-founders of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations). In 1994, CAIR was created.

“Just to be clear, I gained weight for the purpose of the project.”

At that point, an ATP member jokingly interjected, “When are you going to lose it?”

The playful question triggered laughter, including from Gaubatz, who appears to be lean and muscular. Gaubatz said, “That is awesome” to the jokester.

Returning to his subject, Gaubatz said “CAIR is the largest Muslim civil rights organization in America. CAIR didn’t take five minutes to ‘vet’ their civil rights attorney. But they don’t care about civil rights because they’re Hamas. They closed down their offices, their bank accounts, threatened the Muslims that gave them money and then started shredding documents.”

At the time, Gaubatz  was working undercover as an intern for CAIR, and he noted the irony of his situation that, “as a (U.S.) citizen, I can’t shred documents, so they went into the trunk of my car” and were used as evidence against CAIR.

“Later on (in the aforementioned Senate hearings), my Dad walked up on stage” to lambast CAIR “for their role in defrauding Muslims... So CAIR is not just any old Muslim civil rights organization.”

For example, he noted that CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper was called by usually astut conservative commentator Bill O’Reilly (formerly of Fox News) “a standup guy.”

With a wry laugh, Gaubatz said, “People are dead because we don’t want to offend people” by tying the 9/11 attacks to jihadis.

“This is why we have a program on countering violent extremism,” where in CAIR/Florida trains FBI agents on Islam and Muslims.”

He reiterated, “It all starts with President Bush, the commander in chief, saying it had nothing to do with Islam. It starts there... There was a mountain of evidence to convict CAIR. It was adjudicated in the fall of 2009.... But elections matter and we had a new attorney general, Eric Holder. So none of these people ever have been prosecuted.

“So again I raise this question… Should any of these people be working at (or) advising us in any capacity?” he asked.

“No,” the crowd loudly answered back.

“Yet, they have!” Gaubatz asserted.

“I have no problem when President Trump says most of the media — and the DNC — are working for the ‘other guys.’ So when I talk somewhere and CAIR phones in (to the local news media) and says this guy (Gaubatz) is an ‘Islamaphobe’ ... Most media don’t care (whether that label is true —  and instead just report it as news), which is why President Trump was elected in the first place.... So as bad as this is, I just want to encourage everyone. We can still do this. I wouldn’t be doing this otherwise. Therefore, they will remain on the unindicted co-conspirator list to this day....

“Democratic presidential hopefuls (Sen.) “Kamala Harris an —  I’m 90 percent sure — (Sen.) Cory Booker wrote CAIR and congrartuled them on their recent fundraiser effort... A Muslim Brotherhood leader in the United States is getting an award from the FBI leader (James Comey)— the same man who went after our president (Trump). The Communist Party USA and DNC platforms are no different.

“The next six years if we don’t get this right, the Left never will let what happened in 2016 to happen again. If we don’t get this right, we will lose our country. We have to know who we are or we’re going to lose this country. President Trump has done far and away than anyone else, but he’s been busy fighting the swamp.  Muslim Public Affairs Council, which works with Hollywood producers, screenwriters, etc, make ssure nothing offensive to Muslims is included” in today’s films. “They want the U.S. government to use other terminology….”

In much of the news media, “the narrative was that President Trump doesn’t care about journalists. When the media lies — and they lie on a regular basis” — rarely are corrections run later when the truth emerges. 

“So,”, among many U.S. citizens, “what they (the media) don’t say matters as much.”

Gaubatz  added that “President Trump shifted our Middle East policy — he began to work with our best strategic ally — the Saudis.” 

However, hee also asserted, “Understand, the Saudis are no friend of Americans.”

“President Trump has shifted that strategy (in the Middle East) — and the media are losing their minds over this,” Gaubatz said.



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