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Sunday, 03 February 2019 21:22

EDITOR’S NOTE: Asheville’s Harry M. Pierson was among the protesters who stood outside UNC Asheville’s Lipinsky Hall immediately prior to Tamika Mallory’s Jan. 24 keynote address for UNCA’s celebration of Martin Luther King Week. Pierson, a former university professor and the son of two Holocaust survivors, spoke with a Daily Planet reporter during the protest and later emailed this essay for publication.

Poor Ms. (Tamika) Mallory doesn’t understand that she’s living the last few seconds of her 15 minutes of fame. 

Good to the last drop, she dug her hole deeper last week, petulantly refusing Whoopi Goldberg’s gentle attempt at an intervention on “The View” and then repeatedly evading Margaret Hoover’s question on PBS Firing Line, “Do you think Israel has a right to exist?,” arrogantly telling Hoover, “I’m done talking about this, you can move on now”

 In refusing to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist, claiming the Palestinians are native to the area, but not the Jews, Mallory satisfies this part of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism:

 “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.”

 To me, King was the “greatest of all time,” not Farrakhan. Ten days before his assassination, King addressed the Rabbinical Assembly of America and said:

 “For the black man to be anti-Semitic is illogical and immoral. Wherever I have found anti-Semitism,  I have fought it with all my might.”

 What a difference between King’s words and Mallory’s weak tea, “Farrakhan’s words are not my words.” Some believe we have no right to ask Mallory to repudiate the vicious hate of the man she calls “the Greatest of All Time.”

If she’s going to come to the podium to be the voice of King, his values and his memory, we absolutely have the right. No one is asking her to repudiate Farrakhan, she is only being asked to repudiate his hateful words directed at Jews and members of the LGBTQ community.


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