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Letters to the Editor: Oct. 15-31, 2020
Friday, 16 October 2020 22:10

For Joe Biden and Dems, it’s ... all about the lies

oe Biden has been in government for 47 years.

 He was right beside Barack “Hussein” Obama, destroying America during two terms of office.

Joe Biden actually did what the Democrat mafia tried to impeach President (Donald J.) Trump for.

Kamala Harris (Biden’s vice presidential running mate) is an illegal alien; she is not even eligible to be running for office!

Billions of dollars of the American people’s money are going to illegal aliens. This money could be going to needs of the American citizens.

These crooked politicians have been stealing the American citizens blind. For over 100 years, American politicans — except Trump — have been members of secret societies.

When Trump came into office — not being a professional politician — he knew he was supposed to work for the American people.

Why would any American not like that? Because they are not American — if they are not communists, they are very close!

These Democrat-controlled cities are not — and have not been — democracies for a very long time. They are the criminals’ best friend.

They are full of drug addicts, homosexuals and every known vice. 

They are the very enemy of America!


Make Supreme Court appointment after election

Should President Trump nominate a new Supreme Court justice before the election? 

Good question. It is true that under the Constitution the president has the right to fill the seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who passed away last week (Sept. 18). 

If I were advising the president, I would consider the most important thing to be the well-being of the country. 

Our country is severely divided and, some think, on the brink of civil war. My advice to the president would, therefore, not be based on politics or the election. 

I would advise President Trump to hold off (on the appointment) until after the election. A divisive court fight this election season is only going to warp the fabric of democracy even further than it already is.

The Senate has the right to confirm or reject nominees for that is its constitutional mandate. 

It is not an easy question because if the election should end up in the Supreme Court, then one could argue that having new justice before the election would help Mr. Trump and I am sure many of his advisors are so advising. 

Still, for me, the welfare of our country comes first.



Balanced, accurate reporting needed

Since 1960, the Associated Press, along with other news outlets, has sensationalized the news.

In an AP article on “Voters struggling with witness rules. . .”

North Carolina was the brunt of accusations that Black voters are disenfranchised when it comes to mail-in ballots lacking witness signatures/information.

This came as a result of “an Associated Press analysis of state election data.”

According to the AP, over 200,000 ballots have been processed and that 1,700 could not be counted due to a lack of witness information. This amount is not even 1 percent of mailed-in ballots.

The report further states that 43 percent (731 ballots) of the incomplete ballots were submitted by Blacks.  According to 2018 NC census statistics, there were 2.35 million people identified as Black/African-American. Using AP’s and the census figures less than .04 percent of North Carolina’s Black population had problems with their ballots.

According to the state elections board, the mistakes are attributed to “inexperience with the process,” meaning mail-in ballots.

This is not surprising since both parties have sent out absentee ballots to North Carolina’s population without defined instructions on how to complete them.


Candidate Moe Davis castigated for incivility
Os Guiness, noted author, speaking on the ‘60s counterculture, believes the atmosphere is ripe with “furies” ready to wreak havoc. 

Perhaps, Mr. (Moe) Davis could look up his book “The Case for Civility” to better promote himself. For Moe Davis to claim he is a pristine, never-Nazi in order to contend with Madison Cawthorn’s visit to a former installation is tantamount to saying a person who visits a casino must be an addicted gambler. 

\Hitler’s lair, called “Eagle’s Nest,” has now become a tourist destination, a fitting transformation like the castles in Europe once properties of warlords and tyrants. 

Besides, is that some kind of condemnation that justifies making a racist declaration?

If the Jews themselves can return to concentration camps to bring more history to light, cannot anyone find the courage and commitment to liberty to go and see it for themselves? 

Chancellor (Angela) Merkel was in Auschwitz last December, cautioning the Germans to be aware of a backslide into past history without a conscious and deliberate inhibition.

She probably knows first-hand how people get out of hand, but for Moe to consider himself an upstanding veteran, how does he twist an innocent venture into a denigration of Cawthorn?


Right to life? It’s a God-given right by Giver of Life
The present Supreme Court vacancy has caused a rash of opinions voiced across the USA.

But mostly the concern seems to be abortion, pro and con.In the news, the word “abortion” is almost as rare as the word “God.”

Other terms are used. God is the Giver of Life, and He gives life in the beginning of pregnancy.  In His Word he tells us he forms us in the Womb.

Abortion is the taking of life (killing) of a totally innocent human being. It is in fact an act of “pre-meditated murder.”But many Americans — judges, governors, politicians and others holding leadership positions — support this heinous crime.

By their actions, they show how wicked and morally corrupt they are. Disobeying God means nothing to them. They serve Satan instead of God and they do it without shame!

The wrong CHOICE they made, IS THEIR PERIL and Hell is their destination when they die.If they are alive when Jesus returns, He will tell them, "Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.”

The present craziness going on in America today makes one wonder if Jesus has already broken the Second Seal of the Book referred to in Rev. Chap. 6.  When He does, power is given to the second horseman, “to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another.”

If not, we seem to be very close to that event.The wrath of the Giver of Life will cause unimageable Death and Destruction upon Earth when seals are broken, trumpets are sounded, and vials are poured upon Earth.

Then God will send Jesus to Earth to destroy the rest of the wicked and to rule Earth for one thousand years.REPENT AMERICA!

Coalgate, Okla.

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