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Letters to the editor: Sept. 15-30, 2020
Tuesday, 15 September 2020 12:21

Hendersonville letter-writer’s karmic argument blamed on his unresolved hatred

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter is a response to a letter to the editor by Hendersonvlle’s Richard D. Pope that appeared in the Aug. 1 edition of the Daily Planet.
"Whites must renounce racism or face karmic fate?”

I have never heard such a bunch of bunk in my life. Utter nonsense. 

We do not have “systemic racism” in America. It doesn’t exist.

If we had systemic racism, then Barack Obama never could have been twice-elected president of the United States. 

What we do have is people who don’t want to take responsibility for themselves and want to play the victim so that they can blame other people for their problems and profit from it.

It is pitiful and detrimental to the rule of law. President Obama came into office as the first president of mixed race and could have done a lot to end what vestiges of racism remained in America. 

Instead his policies exacerbated racism for political gain. Truly a missed opportunity. We do have people and a few organizations that are still racist, but they are a minority. 

I campaigned for Robert Kennedy and we paid close attention to what Doctor (Martin Luther) King (Jr.) was saying. 

A whole generation of Americans took his credo to judge people by the content of their character and not the color of their skins to heart. I have lived by this credo. I am proud of that and have many friends of color who believe this as well. 

Blaming law enforcement is easy. George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose. That is what the coroner’s report said. 

The author of this article has a lot of unresolved hatred that he is trying to blame on white people. 

What karma? Over 600,000 Americans died fighting to free the slaves. Does that mean nothing?


Moe Davis’ tweet termed terrifying; raises questions

In response to Moe Davis tweet, “When NCGOP extremists go low, we stomp their scrawny pasty necks with our heels and once you hear the sound of a crisp snap you grind your heel hard and twist it slowly side to side for good measure.

”WOW!!! Is this guy a “brown shirt” or what? Reads like a tactic right out of Hitler’s Gestapo handbook. I can send you pictures of them doing this to Jews. The irony is how the Jewish Lefties in Asheville criticized Madison Cawthorn for visiting Hitler’s Eagles Nest, a designated tourist attraction with a beer garden and restaurant now. 

I have several questions for Mr. Davis:

Question #1:  How do you condone radical physical tactics to not just harm, but physically destroy your opponent who is in a wheelchair?

Question #2:  How do you condone radical dialogue to incite others in your party and give them license to act out your violent destructive tactics against your opposition?

Question #3:  Did you learn to think like this from the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay?

Question #4:  Are you so full of hate that you are willing to destroy anyone that gets in your way? Yet, you are probably one who condemns the police for defending themselves.

Question #5: Are you so full of yourself, that you are now judge and jury over other’s lives?

You, sir, are a violent man who doesn’t belong in politics creating chaos and destruction.

Let’s support Madison Cawthorn for his nonviolent, forward-thinking solutions.

Founder of Jewish Conservative Coalition-Lamed 18

Cawthorn’s candidacy opposed for sake of GOP

I have decided not to support Madison Cawthorn for NC-11. Not because:

• His only work experience was as manager of a Chick-fil-A.

• He’s a D-student, college drop-out.

• He lied about the US Naval Academy.

• Multiple women have labeled him a sexual aggressor.

•, He speaks fondly of Hitler, spreads debunked child-trafficking conspiracies, or adopts white supremacy rhetoric. 

I won’t support Madison Cawthorn  on Nov. 3 to protect the Republican Party in WNC. 

As a U.S. representative, Mr. Cawthorn would be a freshman from a minority party with no relevant committee assignments nor understanding of how things get done.

Worse, he’d be a late-night punchline for months. Maybe years. He’d be lampooned as WNC’s “green” new deal, with each embarrassing gaffe and comment eagerly reported.

If you can’t support his opponent… just leave it blank. It’s a crowded ballot, with many important races.In two years, we’ll be here again. Plenty of time to recruit someone more qualified. And — after some life experience — who knows? Maybe Madison Cawthorn!

But not this time. For the sake of the party and our community… not this time.


A cowardly council plays into hands of terrorism

What a cowardly acquiescence from the (Asheville) City Council in response to the planned protests by the Heritage Coalition. 

Asking the citizens of Asheville to concede our streets and our community to outside agitators and crisis actors, asking us to submit meekly to white supremacy because of thinly veiled threats of violence.

The council is allowing our community to be bullied by these groups who have called for armed militia support and made it very clear they will be armed themselves. The lack of a strong statement condemning the presence of militia and weapons will only embolden them to use the same tactics as we get closer to election day.

The City Council instead encourages us to stay home and not engage so that nobody gets hurt. This is a fundamental tactic of domestic terrorism, to silence contradicting ideologies through the threat of violence, and the City Council has played right into it.

I would fully expect to see the APD out in force, in full riot gear and armed with tear gas to confront these groups in the same manner they confronted the BLM protests. Anything less would only underscore the systemic racism we like to pretend doesn’t exist in Asheville.


Americans gone crazy — BLM’s violence unjustified

There is no doubt that some Americans have gone crazy. They do not seem to know that city streets were built for motor vehicle traffic, and that sidewalks were built for foot traffic!

They do not know that the right to “peacefully assemble” means just that, not a right to take over streets, start fires, destroy, or steal other people’s property, and take lives. Those chanting “burn it down” “burn it down” should be immediately removed from American streets which they do not deserve to be on, and put in jail where they belong, because they are a threat to society, and America in general.

While “freedom of speech” is an American right, it does not cover destructive criminal activities.

Those who have caused billions in destruction of private and government property, and those who provided money to the BLM organization, to carry out these ungodly, uncivilized, disgraceful and un-American activities, should be held accountable.

The rights under our Constitution also mean that we are to respect the rights of others.

When the mob destroys businesses and homes of innocent owners and employees, they destroy their livelihood and place to live. Such action is bad and disgraceful!

All lives matter because the Creator made each one of us and He commanded, “Thou shalt not kill.” 

As punishment, God directed “death” in this mortal world, and hell after death for murderers.

Hate towards the police is not fair, nor warranted, and it should have never been started.

"Since January 01, 2015, 4,728 have died in police shootings and around half, 2,385, were white.” 1,252 were black, 877 were Hispanic and 214 were from other racial groups.”

Although, I heartly disagree, in breaking God’s created Human Race, into races, the above shows 50.4 percent of those killed were white, 26.4 percent black, 18.5 percent Hispanic, and 5 percent other groups. Obviously, one should clearly see killings had nothing to do with skin color.

Immediately crying out “police brutality” when someone is killed by police is wrong!  Instead, we should be saying obey the law and the police. Behave and accept their commands. They are serving the community.

After that sniper killed five policemen in Dallas, Texas, in July 2016, then-president (Barack) Obama declared it “a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement.” He should be saying the same now!
There are no grounds for BLM to be calling for “burning down America” and “mobilizing” a “highly trained military to challenge police.” AMERICA DOES NOT NEED A RACE WAR. GOD IS WHAT IS NEEDED!

Coalgate, Okla.

Officials ripped for planning to remove city’s crown jewel

 EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was dated Sept. 1 and headlined “The Accounting.”
I would like to thank those of my Southern family who would on Saturday past (Aug. 22), come to my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, to protest the illegal decision of the (Asheville) City Council and (Buncombe) County (Board of) Commissioners to tear down the Crown Jewel Center Piece of our city.. .the cenotaph of Governor Zebulon Baird Vance.

Never mind that in the state, we have a Monument Protection Bill; they had already —  in the dark of the night — removed a cenotaph of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee, and placed a mural of Black Lives Matter where it stood.

The local television station (WLOS News 13) would headline in its reporting of the event ... “The Confederate Flag Comes to Asheville,” as though my near daily posting of it never happened. So much for them. I am sorry that I could not be there.

Upon my return to Western North Carolina, I would ready myself for an appearance in Clinton, Tennessee, (just northwest of Knoxville)  for The Tennesseans for Living History’s “Walking in the Footsteps of Tennessee History” event. Aug. 22-23.  Because my car developed cancer, I was only able to attend the event for one day.

Tennessee Event  - Sat. Aug. 22 
I was so happy to see so many of my babies from across the region in attendance, not only as visitors, but also as participants.

One man in attendance would ask of me: “Why would a man of your persuasion don the Confederate soldier’s uniform, and strut around these grounds so proudly with that flag?” 

I would tell him “because I am a Southerner, a loyal Southerner.”

At first, he seemed perplexed. And, then after some thought, he smiled, and said, “I get it!”

On Thursday, Aug. 26, I would post the Southern Cross on the overpass of Interstate 26/40 West, outside the City of Asheville, and soon find myself visited by several of my babies who had plenty of questions and comments..... “Mr. H.K., we have read that you will support President (Donald J.) Trump with your vote. Yet, all the while the burning, looting and even murder mirror the tactics of Sherman and Grant, whose orders to take the theater of war to the front doors of defenseless innocent old men, women and children of the South during the War of Northern Aggression by its Commanding Chief, Abraham Lincoln, a man he is always bragging about.”

Yes, would come the voice of the lone black man amongst them. “He constantly refers to the Republican Party as the Party of Lincoln.  And, I hope its not the same Radical Republican Party of Lincoln. Doesn’t he know that the reason that Southern black people vowed not to ever vote for the Republican Party is because of what they did during Reconstruction; using the unsuspecting Africans to raid the State coffers, and even to put the war criminal Grant into the White House with the vote they didn’t even understand?”

I would tell them, that I fully understood their concerns. However, I believed that, had Lincoln not faced the collusion by members of his own party; his assassination probably would not have occurred, and that reconstruction in the South would probably mirrored the herculean efforts now on display by President Trump to heal this nation’s divide — and that includes social vertical mobility for all its citizens.

And, importantly for me trying to overcome the stench of his misplaced rants on the likes of (Abraham) Lincoln and (Ulysses S.) Grant; I would prefer that he called the party —  “the Party of Trump.”

The next question came from one of my baby girls ... “Mr. H.K., did the family of General (Nathan Bedford) Forest do as the Loring family did in St. Augustine (Fla.) — sell out to the thugs who hate our ancestors because of their stand against tyranny?”

My response was that “I can’t answer that question. However, I do know that there is a great cowardice in the ruling body of the city in St. Augustine that has succumbed to a great evil.  And, I would post the Southern Cross at the doors of the church that reminds me of the temple where Jesus confronted the money-changers. It is a place where a man called ‘Rev. Rawls’ would proclaim that the black people who would be killed, and their businesses looted and burned by the thugs who have come into our homeland disturbing the peace ‘collateral damage’! Not a man of God to me! Just an agent of the Devil!”

“Mr. H.K., where are you off to next?” would come the next question. I would tell them that I had begun to cancel many requests because of the needed repairs on my car that I was afraid would join the car graveyard that I had begun to fill. They would pass the hat and donate $42 to me to help with those repairs. God bless you!


Chairman of the Board of Advisors Emeritus of the Southern Legal Resource Center
Member of Save Southern Heritage
Honorary Life Member of Zebulon Vance Camp 15 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Texas Division Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Kentucky Division Son of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Bradford Rose Camp 1638 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member Forest Orphans Camp 1744 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Associate Member of the Abner Baker Chapter 14 United Daughters of the Confederacy
Honorary Camp Commander Grandbury Texas Brigade Camp 1479 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member James M. Keller Camp 648 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Scot of Austin
Kentucky Colonel
Member of the Confederate Legion of the Judah P. Benjamin Camp 2210 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member of the Longstreet Zollicoffer Camp 87 Sons of Confederate Veterans
Honorary Life Member of the North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia Orders of the Confederate Rose
President of Southern Heritage 411

Was it treason for Dixie to declare its independence?

Many have said that Dixie declaring independence was treason.

If this was the case, should there not have been a plethora of trials for treason? In the Declaration of Independence it says governments derive their power from “the Consent of the Governed.” At the end of the document, the colonies are referred to as “the united States of America” and as “free and independent States.”

It proceeds to list the things that “independent State may of right do” — meaning each state was now an independent country. The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was the first constitution and was not put into operation till 1778.

When the several states seceded from the Articles to join the Constitution, Virginia, New York and Rhode Island emphasized when they ratified it, that they could leave this new union at any time and for any reason.

In 1814, all of New England threatened secession over the War of 1812. I haven’t read anywhere of plans to invade them if they had done so. It seems like another word for union would be empire if it is involuntary.

Mars Hill


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