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Letters to the Editor: Aug. 1, 2020
Saturday, 01 August 2020 14:38

Mixed-race woman strongly opposes city’s reparations

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter to the editor originally was sent to Asheville’s mayor and all members of City Council.
I strongly disagree with the vote for reparation to blacks you recently passed.  NONE of us alive had anything to do with what our ancestors did hundreds of years ago regarding slavery and, therefore, nothing to make reparations for.

I am a woman of mixed race and do not call myself African-American, Anglo-American etc... 

I am, as should we all be, an AMERICAN. Tearing down statues and covering up history in an attempt to make any race feel better is not the answer. It sounds like rewriting history, which is what Nazi Germany did.

And if we don’t do a course correction fast, we are heading down that path to another war.

The Civil War, Confederacy and slavery are a fact of life — and one we should take a lesson from and NEVER forget. By removing the symbols of that era we dishonor ALL the people who fought and died in that war NORTH and SOUTH.  Where is the money going to come from to pay for all this? Oh yes, from my taxes!!!

I grew up poor and under-privileged, but worked hard and put myself through school without going on welfare or any other government handouts. I expect everyone else in this country to do the same, no matter what their color or socio-economic background. As a result of my hard work, I am very successful now. I have NO intention of watching my hard-earned money go to tax dollars for something I do not approve of.

So I intend to take my black/white/brown butt and my hard-earned and well-deserved capital and leave this city AND county immediately... You people need to wake up... Good luck! 


Reparations for slavery? It’ll be welfare for blacks

This is nothing but a scam to try and justify with the black citizens an excuse for using them for the unlawful action to remove the cenotaph of the Honorable Zebulon Baird Vance, and that of the Honorable General Robert E. Lee.

The proposed reparations are nothing more than what has been on the table since my 1st vice presidency  and presidency of  the Asheville NAACP chapter. 

Let us examine some of the proposal: Affordable Housing in the City of Asheville is around $300,000, and that does not include the lot if you have to stick-build, or marginal.

The cost of a lot is around $80,000 — and most of those targeted can’t qualify even for the lot , let alone the house. “Affordable” means in Asheville ... those who can afford to buy.

And as far as business opportunities go, the so-called black leaders sold the people out under the Eagle Market Street Development Plan for the Black Historic Business District.

And just who made the scalawag councilman architect for reparations for black people when it is the Southern white man who is due the brunt of any reparations for the loss of life and property stolen burned and destroyed before and after The War for Southern Independence.

And, not to forget the shady deal that took former indentured servant Anthony Johnson, the black man responsible for the first legalized slave in the country (Commonwealth of Virginia) whose property was seized because he was not a citizen.

And to paint a Black Lives  mural on the pot where the Monument of the most revered man of the South stood .... General Robert E. Lee , is nothing but a design for hate.

This whole episode is malarkey — and those domestic terrorist of so-called Black Lives Matter are not wanted as they use the honorable black citizens as the weapon of choice against our Southern white family.

President, Southern Heritage 411

The American conflict: A result of the worst leaders in U.S. history

In today’s America, we find ourselves facing the continued onslaught of biased reporting and erroneous “expert” advice relative to a virus no more significant than a severe flu outbreak.

And to add suffering to misery, we have continuing protests and their accompanying riots and looting with a professionally coordinated effort by Black Lives Matter, Antifah and other supporting subversives.

Indeed, a new American conflict. We have state and federal health officials and government leaders exaggerating the fatality numbers from the virus as well as making an all-out effort to convince the uninformed that “catching the virus equals death.”

They are fearmongers of the worst kind, using the opportunity to garner more power for themselves over the people for as long as they can.

And in the process they have substantially harmed the nation’s economy and the lives of millions of Americans. Our leaders on both sides of the political aisle have done their part to demonstrate that in today’s America, we have the worst leadership in our nation’s history — leaders characterized by dishonesty, cowardice, apathy and gross incompetency. 

The nations “flock” has seen the departure of its leaders, leaving the flock to be devoured by wolves, coyotes and wild dogs. 

What will it take to stop the growing assault on our nation, its freedoms and its history?

A BLM leader has now pointed its attention to the American churches.

What will that mean?

These forces at work in the land today are as evil as any we have seen in recent times, anywhere in the world.

Their intent is clear — take the nation down and turn it into something few would want.These groups and their adherents and supporters are demonic.They are active extensions of the kingdom of darkness and they will have to be stopped.

And rest assured when the time comes, we will stop them!

American citizen

Black community — not BLM or Antifa — needs to solve black issues 

When I was in college way back in the ‘60s in Mobile, Alabama, I lived in a poor black neighborhood in a small rental house with a college roommate. 

It was all either of us could afford. I ate a lot of mac and cheese back then.

It was during integration of public schools and  several black children lived next door. The first day of school came and they were to be bused to a formerly all-white school. The bus driver came 30-minutes early, we assumed so they wouldn’t have to pick up black children. 

On my way to class, I saw them standing in their yard with their backpacks and asked how they were doing. They told me about the bus and that their father had already taken the family car to work. I told them that if their mother approved, I would take them. When I pulled up to the school, there were state troopers lining one side of the driveway and angry demonstrators on the other side. I wished the children good luck as they reluctantly exited the car. I stopped to see they got in the school okay.

You see, I was raised an Air Force kid, living in many places growing up and was color-blind to race. In 35 years serving our country in the Air Force and Civil Service, we were all “color-blind.” Your life often depended on the wingman, or the person standing next to you, or bunking next door.

Their color didn’t matter. I say this to let you, the reader, know that I don’t come from a prejudiced background and don’t judge people by their color. It is difficult for members of one race to talk about members of another, but today, it is the “elephant in the room.”

All of this is happening as our country goes up in flames. The Black Lives Matter cause has been hijacked after the wrongful death of George Floyd, and is used by anarchists, thugs and Antifa to destroy our history, our businesses and our homes. 

My Siri defines hijacked as, “Take over (something) and use it for a different purpose.” That is what has happened. BLM is now being used to destroy without dealing with that “elephant.” “Our society has been hijacked, kidnapped and pushed into a corner where no one can say anything publically about black people.

If you do (express criticism), they call you a racist and a bigot. So the true thought and true dialogue between white and black folks cannot go forward because they cannot speak their mind, or the truth, without being called “racist.”

If you say anything about the spirits of black folk, the habits of black folk, that many black men are full of abandonment, they’re full of murder, they’re full of robbery, and that they are full of violence.

That is not to say that all black men are, “but 70 percent of them are, 70 (percent) desert their children, 70 percent of them don’t marry the mothers that they father the children through, 1.2 million of them are in prison. And this has nothing to do with white folk or slavery.”

That statement was by Pastor James David Manning of the Atlah World Missionary Church in Harlem, and a black American. His is a very admirable step towards the black community encouraging the black community to get back on their feet.

To get to something like back in mid-20th century when black single Moms were about 25 percent and there were far less black men incarcerated. It must come from the black community — and not BLM or Antifa.


Social media companies taking free speech away, rewriting our history

Knowing that “politically correct” is virtually never my friend, I also question how Facebook and other social media policies should have permission to govern my opinions. 

Easy way out of that is to abstain from them, which I do. 

Granted, I may be missing something, but the loss of free speech may be the real casualty. A lie can circulate the planet before the truth gets out of bed, and those who win will rewrite history. What a horror. 

The amazing events we are seeing is that the executive branches are dictating what would properly belong to the legislative who may concede to medical experts no matter what.

Public health departments issue dictates affecting everyone, but one size may not fit all. Should a social media platform be the arbiter of that by shutting down pages? 

Gordon Robertson, CBN 700 Club, addressed the vagaries of posting announcements, etc., and then finding them shut down. The law does not govern private sites indiscriminately, unfortunately.

For a short history of Facebook’s founding drama, one should view “The Social Network;” Zuckerberg’s chauvinism repelled me.


Nov. 3 is the time to end evil regime led by Trump

Tired of all the lies, misinformation and “alternate news” coming from President Trump and the White House? 

On Nov. 3, vote them out of office and support the new president who will have one-heck-of-a-job putting this nation back on track and regain worldwide respect without coercion and threats. 

The corruption of the current administration defies logic and will end on Election Day, so we can rebuild our democracy. 

It could take years, but well worth the change from the current, downright evil regime.

Vote on Nov. 3rd because now, more than ever, our lives depend on it!


Trump blamed for killing facets that made U.S. great

In his June Mount Rushmore speech, Trump sounded a battle cry that “they” were attacking — who? 

He started with the people causing violence and deftly included socialists, anarchists, protesters and Democrats, suggesting that those who are not in his camp are enemies of the state — including the free press. 

Since then, he has unleashed an untrained and clandestine federal police squad against protesters in cities run by “Liberal Democrats.” 

Trump is clearly messaging intimidation to his detractors and is provoking his base toward violence.In this obscene show of force, Trump is disregarding the authority of the state and municipalities. This is an assault on democracy.

Trump is hammering wedges of hate and division, of force and repression — not law and order. This is more like treason or sedition than protecting the Constitution.

Clearly he intends to get the public focus off of his abysmal response to the Covid 19 crisis. He bears enormous responsibility for this out-of-control and lethal situation — first insisting that it is a hoax, then aggressively denouncing the precautions outlined by his own administration, and now telling Americans “to get used to it,” pushing for schools to reopen, thereby promising a huge and viral “spreader” effect as the death rate quickly approach 200,000. 

He campaigned claiming that he could “shoot a person on the streets of New York” with impunity, where now, through his own inaction, he is causing the deaths of thousands of Americans — and the Republican leadership supports this immoral strategy. 

Contrasting this with the Canadian situation illustrates how incompetent and irresponsible the White House position is. Their leader, Justin Trudeau, has exemplified a mature and reasoned response to the pandemic and the nation is maintaining a lid on the pandemic.Trump continues to float outrageous lies and conspiracy theories to support his regressive positions while encouraging white supremacy, attacking all minorities, trying to strip Americans of the right to vote, trying to outlaw the right to protest, the right of free speech, rendering environmental, fiscal and health systems useless, totally destroying the credibility and leadership of this nation on the world stage. 

Holding his false news as real, and real news as false, with continued support from the GOP who believe that blindly shrinking the government make some sort of sense — he is assaulting and eviscerating the democratic values and systems that have made this nation great.

Trump’s actions are killing Americans.

Trump’s actions are killing democracy.


Don’t blame Trump for all problems

I see a lot of hate being directed at President Trump here locally — and that is fine, in my view.

People are entitled to their own points of view. At least I am one citizen of Asheville who still believes in free speech.

What is particularly disturbing, though, is how those who oppose the president seem to blame him for all the world’s problems. 

My question to those who oppose him is this: What happened to bringing Mr. Comey, Clapper, Brennen et. al. to justice?

They violated the law, possibly committing sedition and or treason.It does not matter whether you agree with, or even like, the sitting president.

We are a nation of laws — and not of men. The severe damage inflicted to the Constitution by the outgoing elite is far more dangerous than anything that President Trump has done. 

Yet the good people of Asheville, by and large, seem to be willing to look the other way on this major crime.

What’s the deal, Asheville?


Whites must renounce racism or face karmic fate

Racists had better renounce racism and support black Americans in their fight for freedom and justice and equality, or, in their next lives, karma will fix it so that they will be black themselves, so that they will experience for themselves what it’s like being black in racist America! (And to experience racism.)Racists might even experience police brutality in their next life, so they’ll experience what police brutality is like.And when they are born into their next life into a body with black skin, they’ll learn that black people are really no different than white people. Black people are different only because their daily experiences of being black in racist America are different.And racists will experience code switching.They will experience having to be one person in the “hood” around black people and someone entirely different when they leave the “hood” and enter white corporate America to work or go to school in the morning.I guarantee you that, by the end of their next life, racists will have nothing but respect for black people!!!But, like I said, if racists will renounce racism in this life and will support black people in their fight for freedom and justice and equality, they can change their karmic fate.Become a champion of black people in their fight for freedom, justice and equality — and you will improve the lives of black people in this world and your karmic fate in the next!I know it will be painful to lose your self-identity as being bad-ass racists!But you know what they say ... Sometimes you have to lose to really win.


Vouchers for private schools called a bad idea

In an interview on Fox News last week (early July), U.S. Education Secretary Betsy Devos threatened that if our public schools do not open this fall, she would divert public funding away from public schools and into private school voucher programs.

It is absurd that in the midst of this crisis our lawmakers want to force public schools to ignore public health orders or their own readiness… or risk having their funding siphoned away! 

Our public schools educate 90 percent of our nation’s students — including 70 percent right here in North Carolina.Private schools vouchers do not provide the same accountability to taxpayers as public schools, fund religious education, and subsidize schools that often discriminate in who they educate.

In addition, many private schools have already received taxpayer-financed federal funding for Covid-19 relief through the Paycheck Protection Program. As the U.S. Senate negotiates the next round of stimulus money, Senators Burr and Tillis must stand strong for public schools and oppose any efforts to exploit this pandemic to expand voucher programs.

Now, more than ever, as teachers and staff are making incredible efforts to educate our children under extraordinary circumstances and, in some cases, putting their lives on the line for our students, North Carolina needs more funding for public education — not less.

Member, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

The state of our country? Time to vote out enemies

A great answer to the Asheville City Council, H.K. Edgerton (in a letter to the editor in the July 15-31 edition of the Daily Planet).America is in very serious trouble due to the corrupt, lawless, liberal, socialist, un-American officials who have acquired office on our country!

In 2014, the Obama administration allegedly sent $3.7 million in grants to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, for coronavirus research.

Barack Obama came from Kenya and Indonesia — the (latter of which is the) most Muslim country there is — to Hawaii.

With billions of dollars going to illegal aliens each year, Obama brought thousands of Muslims into the U.S.

The future of young Americans are being stolen from them by such actions by these liberals.

Each year, approximately 6,000 black Americans are being murdered by other black Americans! The worst crime cities are those who have been under liberal rule for decades. Joe Biden is on video telling about withholding aid from Ukraine — the very same crime these liberals made up about Trump to try to impeach him.

Joe Biden was right beside Barack Hussein Obama while he was destroying America!Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law and sent America’s jobs out of the country!

The Buncombe County sheriff (Quentin Miller) is on record where he will not support the enforcement of our laws concerning illegal aliens.

With over 900 military (U.S.) bases around the world — and the liberals will not help to secure our borders.Folks, to save Asheville and the rest of America, vote these enemies out of office!


America against God? Get ready for an eternity in Hell    

The presence of ungodly mobs on the streets of many American cities —  every night — is clear proof of the miseducation which has been taking place in our education system. 

The great sacrifices made by earlier generations of Americans have been forgotten by many of the  present generation.

Forgotten too, were the great Godly principles upon which this great nation was founded!The past great contributions America has made to this world is all but forgotten. 

Without America’s contributions in feeding many parts of this world, and in defeating many past evil enemies in the world, this world would be in terrible shape.

We need to thank God for this nation, and we also need, to thank America for trying to follow God’s principles!America needs to get back to God and to the just laws and principles set forth by Him. Obviously, rioting, louting, burning, disrespecting and killing law enforcement fellow human beings are just the opposite of what God commands His created human world to do.

You should have been taught that at home and in school!Unfortunately, for America, too many ungodly people were placed in the Supreme Court of America, and they voted God out of schools and government places. That was not all their ungodly decisions.

They also went against God’s Laws and legalized the killing of unborn babies and other abominations, such as ... same-sex marriage. Once upon a time, laws required schools to teach about God and His Word (The Bible).

Now because of court decisions, they cannot! Now a large part of America does not know about God, Eternal Life and Eternal Damnation. 

Because they do not know, they will eventually spend eternity in Hell, and the Lake of Fire — two places one would not want to be in for eternity!

Coalgate, Okla.


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