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Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2020
Monday, 18 May 2020 22:16

What pandemic? ‘Terrible job’ by Cooper, area leaders  

I mourn for Asheville. Her economy severely damaged. Her great spirit wounded.

Her leaders have not served her well by following the draconian orders of Governor Cooper.

Come election time, I hope and pray that they will all be voted out of office. I will work vigorously toward this end. 

From my perspective and those of many citizens here in Asheville, they have done a terrible job. The virus has passed. The death rate is well under 1 percent.

Was it worth it? I think not.



There’s just no escape in the age of coronavirus

What’s a body to do? 

A person who enters a nursing facility or is already there may or may not know if another or a staff member has tested positive. 

The Buncombe County Health Department reports no known cases at present, but a patient cannot be removed once the virus is discovered. No one leaves. Everyone is quarantined. 

The positive staff member will not return, but this is cold comfort. It still begs the question: how often are they all tested, staff and residents? 

After calling around to a few officials, I got differing concessions as to whether the family would be notified. Not necessary even though unconscionable not to report. Buyer beware. 

Massachusetts, New York, and other states have indemnified their facilities – no lawsuits allowed. Dr. Mercola (com) addressed these issues with more chilling facts, but stated that the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Service and the CDC act with advisement. 

Dr. Oz noted today the use of Vitamin D as a preventative.


Trump’s sick unfitness? Fiddling while Rome burns

So Trump tries to walk back his stupid musing about looking into injecting disinfectant to cure COVID-19 after it draws blowback by claiming he was just joking. 

It doesn’t matter. Because that would mean that he is the kind of abusive personality with a sick sense of humor who likes having these scientists and medical experts completely off-balance trying to figure out what reaction they should have to something so outrageous — if they take him seriously and push back, he may fire them. 

If they don’t take him seriously, thinking he’s joking, and he’s not, he may fire them, and they all do not want to get fired because they know they are the only firewall against his insanity through this. 

Either way — either he’s so ignorant and delusional that he meant it, or it was a sick, abusive joke and he’s getting off on having people twice as intelligent as he and with sincere motives completely off-balance while he thinks he’s proving his superiority to them — this man is so unfit to be president in the middle of a national crisis that there is no historic precedent short of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.



With Trump at the helm? ‘Brutality with a smile’

With the rise of the Far-Right and Radical-Right, we not only have been experiencing the growth of “Survival-of-the-Fittest” Social Darwinist ideology in today’s national Republican Party featuring their desire not only to cut and reduce spending on all of the federal government social programs that help the middle and lower classes (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, College Student Loans), but we also get their growing cold-hearted desire to abolish all of them, which they try to keep secret from the American people.

 Authors Jane Mayer and Nancy MacLean have well-documented the aforementioned by pointing out that they often use “stealth tactics,” which are a part of what Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman characterizes as their “Bad Faith.”

And along with this, we get what Alfred Hitchcock referred to as “Brutality With a Smile.”

An example of this was when presidential candidate Donald Trump, during a televised Republican debate, literally mocked, made fun of, insulted, disrespected and humiliated candidate Carly Fiorina by shouting “Look at that face!”

I still find it hard to believe that any human being could have been so cruel, sadistic and abusive as to humiliate another human being like that, especially a very accomplished woman who has had to bury a child as a result of drug addiction and who has had to experience having a double mastectomy.  

Ms. Fiorina has suffered greatly in life, and did not deserve to be abused and publically humiliated like that. No one does.

But as someone who believes in God and who converted to Christianity in 1980, I believe that ultimately we are all held accountable and will be held accountable for how we have treated others in life, and that includes a right-wing, serial spouse-cheater, and dirtbag like Donald Trump.

Rochester, N.Y.



Ol’ Blue Eyes ... happy birthday!

Entertainer Frank Sinatra left us 22 years ago on May 14, 1998. 

 First and foremost, his legacy will be his music and singing style that reflected the music of America for decades.

That’s more than enough for me and of course we can add acting, directing, dancing and philanthropic ventures both here and abroad to round out his extraordinary life!

So here’s a big “thank you” to Frank Sinatra for the joy and happiness he continues to bring to us via CDs, LPs, films and documentaries, as we remember the unforgettable Francis Albert Sinatra!



EDITOR’S NOTE: Sinatra died of a heart attack at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. “He was 82 years old and had, at last, faced his final curtain,” waxed poetically . He was born on Dec. 12, 1915 in Hoboken, N.J.


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