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Letters to the Editor: February 2020
Monday, 03 February 2020 12:26

Mumpower’s ‘great intellect’ laps liberals around track 

I enjoyed Carl Mumpower’s opinion piece, run in place of his monthly column (Daily Planet, Vol. 16, No. 2).

His smug assertions of fact and ideology are unmatched — there’s no liberal conspiracy that he can’t sniff out.

When friends explode over his columns, I enjoy pointing out that, in our free society, you need to pay attention to the opinion of those you disagree with, especially the intellectuals.

Mr. Mumpower is a prime example of a great intellect saddled with a myopic ideology lapping the liberals around the track.

Hate him, if you must, but look at him GO!


Mumpower blasts media, but gives president a pass 

Mr. Mumpower accuses the mainstream media of neglecting the “other side of the coin,” lacking “countering commentary from the other side.”  

But he is confusing news reporting with political commentary, which is abundantly available on Fox News, Breitbart and others. 

Unfortunately, they love to talk about unconfirmed rumors and seldom issue corrections as do the mainstream media. Why doesn’t he call that out? Apparently he would prefer Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” (as in alternative reality.)

His dismissal of climate change is laughable. When our coastal refugees start showing up in Asheville will Mr. Mumpower have room to put them up? Most distressing is his cavalier acceptance of Trump’s daily lies, asserting he should be given more credit for speaking the truth occasionally. Isn’t that what we expect of a president all of the time?

The U.S. president sets a tone for the nation. Lying and cheating at the very top undermine our confidence in our government and in ourselves. Human society depends on honest communications.

Indeed, Mumpower reminds us of “the importance of truth as a foundation for everything that’s good.”

Given that, how can he excuse Trump’s incessant lying?


Thos. Wolfe Auditorium renovation draws opposition

I oppose any renovation of the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium and believe it should be either converted to, or replaced by, high-rise workforce housing, as should nearly all city owned property downtown including City Hall.

Failure to do so causes climate change and homelessness, which the city pretends to oppose, it does so in many ways.

Firstly, maintaining or upgrading downtown attractions encourages tourism, which is an extremely dirty industry, especially in a city without passenger train service. Such cities should actively discourage tourism if they pretend to oppose climate change.

Secondly, downtown attractions cause commuting from the suburbs, of both customers and workers, overwhelmingly by car. If such activities must be local, they should take place in the suburbs, where most people live, not in the city, and certainly not downtown, which should be residential.

Thirdly, such projects compete with workforce and affordable housing for both public funding and critical downtown land, where the lack of workforce housing compared to the number of jobs is extreme. 

Fourthly, such projects will reduce the affordability of all the new and potential downtown hotels by increasing demand, thus further delaying their conversion to affordable housing like Battery Park Tower, without which, such hotels would serve little purpose.

Lastly, like everything else, such projects compete for funding, land and attention with contraception manufacturing and distribution, both public and private, thus accelerating population driven climate change and other environmental damage.

It's a new year, but....

Happy New Year!

Not much has changed as we begin a new decade.

We still have a plethora of lies, misinformation, hateful rhetoric and a skewed view of history as our president assures us it’s the truth because he says so. 

The good news is, hopefully, all of the aforementioned will come to an end on Nov. 3, 2020 —  if voters wake up to the fact that we’ve been had, big-time, from a TV personality who played “I wanna be president” and won.

Let’s vote him and his sinister administration out of office and make sure this travesty doesn’t happen again!

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