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Letters to the Editor: September 2019
Monday, 02 September 2019 17:24

Greenland: Early holiday shopping for Trump? 

So Greenland turned President (Donald) Trump down in his bid to buy that nation.

I cannot figure out his continuing oddball moves since he has already bought Israel.

As the famous comedian Red Buttons once said: “Strange things are happening” under this administration that could come to an end on Election Day in November 2020.


Trump’s right; time to trash kids' violent video games

The terrible tragedies in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, this past weekend (in early August) has hit every American in the gut, once again. 

We all grieve for the families and friends as well as ourselves because we don’t want this happening in our country or any country.

On Aug. 5, President (Donald) Trump addressed Americans and offered options for bipartisan action in Congress. 

One action was curtailing violent video games. I have said this for a long time since years ago I watched a child mowing down bad guys on the TV set. Yes, they were bad guys in the game, but it was one after the other with no human emotions as heads departed bodies, etc.  

Dave Grossman, in a superb treatise “On Combat,” says we train war fighters and law enforcement to become “inoculated” to stresses of lethal force by repeated realistic training. We inoculate our young by allowing violent video games now in ultra high-definition! 

Grossman states, “Today kids are immersed in a virtual reality environment where they repeatedly blow their virtual hyperrealistic, playmates’ heads off in explosions of blood and gore. 

Do they get in trouble? No. They get awarded points. This is pathological and dysfunctional play. “

As an Air Force fighter pilot, I was “inoculated” to killing by repeated training until I was very proficient at the job. It was reinforced by full-video flight simulators, where I could also be “killed.”

It later paid off in combat when I was called upon to take life, but I was a 30-year-old adult and could handle it and experience human emotion that came with it. 

The 8-year-old (who) I watched “kill” one human after another on TV was far too young to feel, or handle, the emotions and therefore was “inoculated.” 

Trash your kids’ violent games, and let them be kids.

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