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Letters to the editor: December 2018
Thursday, 06 December 2018 16:30

Reader’s threat of genocide against pot-users? Horrific 

I am horrified at the suggestion in your paper to murder all cannabis users (in a letter to the editor from Richard D. Pope that appeared in September’s Daily Planet).

I again stand aghast at the virulent phobia of an herb based on lies. Previous to around 1911, it was a simple boon to humanity, in soil-enriching industrial hemp and more stridently medicinal varieties.

As societies looked for an expedient to keeping money in industrial enclaves and everyone without handed down privilege out, cannabis became a scapegoat.

In his (Pope’s) letter, I’m too passive to defend my country and he advocated genocide of my minority cannabis-using religion as well as others using science instead of propaganda to regulate their lives.

In another publication, ghosts of old cannabis-using hassasins scare folks “Reefer Madness”-style that I am too violent to trust.

Which is it?

In reality, cannabis has played a positive part in every war this country has fought and sober-minded use does not leave one simultaneously experiencing polar opposite propagandized mental effects.

Defending one’s country first should best be done through civics, land protection, and entrepreneurial value-creation before any thought of violent self-defense is needed.  The blame-and-shame game and the lynching of science for refusing to bow to racist and misogynistic industrial interests does not stop at cannabis prohibition. 

However, defending my country means announcing such prohibition is a half-tied Gordian knot that a sea change in maturity can easily unpack.  

This hubric knot is linked to every other social harm.  To hear a certain Kennedy say it, it’s simply a tool to be able to search and seize private property. We are better than such sloppy shortcuts.  

Band-Aids like the $30k a year prescription Epidiolex are mere nods to the power of what would happen should we use science, agriculture and our ingenuity to confront what the most calculated and demonstrably  specious of smear campaigns has done in our community.

Our public forests should not be private grow lands for the privileged, and their insistence that they maintain the forest because they put fertilizer back on it should terrify every environmentalist into demanding front-yard normalization over a singularly productive plant.

Freeing America from this naked emperor has come at great physical and social sacrifice to me — and I even get the couverture of my own minority religious denomination and have had less to lose than the heroes who are beginning to come out of the wordwork for justice and common sense.  

One should not have to fear for the safety of one’s children as a scientist for being scientific. That is only one example of the 300 million-plus unique ways this domestic harm to our Constitution is laughably hurting our country for the amusement of problematic controllers.

We are better than threats of genocide, and everyone sworn to defend this land does not need more work keeping the peace because of your reader’s misplaced concern and hubris.



Sinatra, born 103 years ago, will sing/swing forever


Legendary singer/actor/producer/director Frank Sinatra was born 103 years ago on Dec. 12, 1915.  

His talent in the entertainment field has endured through the years and it is a testament to his abilities.

Join me in wishing “Ol’ Blue Eyes” a very Happy Birthday, along with such luminaries as jazz singer Peggy King and the All-Star Jazz Trio, music archivist Anthony DiFlorio III, talent promoter Billy Jon Coogan, musician George Roumanis (bass), Tony Bennett, WYYR program director Chris Valenti, Diana Krall and add Willie Nelson’s beautiful new tribute CD, titled, “My Way,”  featuring 11 songs made popular by Sinatra.  

As Count Basie would say, “One More Time!” — Happy 103rd Birthday, Frank!  May you keep swingin’ among the stars with the rest of those entertainers who left us all too soon.





What Americans fear and loath? ‘I am a Christian’

We live in a day that recalls a historical period prior to World War II.

There is a sense of desperation on many levels in America, where I reside.

I am a white male of German and Finnish ancestry. I am the literal face of what some in America fear and loath.

Even worse, I am a Christian.

I live in a country that is founded on the principle of freedom for everyone.

It is a noble idea. America was also organized by men who, by and large, were well-educated and wealthy landowners who had a stake in their own personal liberties.

It is unfortunate that, as a Christian, it seems that my opinions and beliefs seem to have been severely limited in recent history by a court decision that arrogantly established a wall of separation between the divine and our governance.

Once again, the divisions of faith have come to the fore.

Anyone may choose against the truth of our Creator — and disaster will be the inevitable result.

I do not wish to be a judge of anyone, but I would hopefully pray that all of us — starting in our country — may see the wisdom in seeking the way, the truth and the life. My faith remains in Christ. May everyone be convinced by their own experience. 



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