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Letters to the Editor: November 2017
Wednesday, 01 November 2017 21:13

Arrest record should not be basis for ‘disinvitation’

The Daily Planet reported that Ashley Thublin, the communications director for Asheville City Schools, defended the cancelation of a speaking engagement by Bree Newsome at Asheville Middle School on the grounds that she had been arrested for removing a Confederate battle flag from the pole in front of the South Carolina Statehouse in 2015.

Ms. Newsome had been invited to speak in the first place precisely because of her protest, not in spite of it. So after the invitation was extended, clearly someone behind the scenes took umbrage with her politics which led to the “disinvitation.” After the fact, the school policy excluding speakers with a prior arrest record was invoked by Ms. Thublin to defend the action.

This blanket policy excluding anyone from speaking to our school children who broke the law or had an arrest record would exclude the likes of a number of our Founding Fathers, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela, Alice Paul, Cesar Chavez, Harriet Tubman, and hundreds of other leaders and thousands of their followers in human rights movements here and around the world.

All of these people have changed society for the better by risking their lives for the rights of others, and all are pretty much universally praised for it today. Yet, technically, none would be allowed to speak to our children at Asheville Middle School because of the supposed bad example of their arrest records.

This technicality is just plain stupid, and is used as an excuse to revile the heroes of the present, while we smugly celebrate the heroes of the past. How shortsighted is that?

High-powered weapons? Time to make them illegal

The NRA has given millions of dollars to the GOP candidates and in some cases to Democrat candidates to keep their nefarious stance on the use of high-powered weapons and it’s all legal!

In the wake of the horrific Las Vegas event, it’s time for the public to take a stand against the evil that has spread across this great nation.

Let’s contact our representatives in congress and let them know enough is enough.  Turn “all legal” into “illegal” once and for all!

Finally, to both sides of the aisle, I ask “just when is the right time to talk about solving the issue of guns in the hands of would-be killers?”

Both sides seem to be in the pocket of the NRA and I fear it might take a few more massacres to wake the “Old Guard” legislators up and do what’s right for the American people who elected them.


To continue the city’s progress, vote for Smith


I’ll start by thanking Asheville and Buncombe voters who have supported me in as many as seven elections since 2008.

You have given me the opportunity to work with a great team, sometimes a team of rivals, that has done a lot of good for this city. 

I also thank (Mountain) Xpress readers for tapping me as Best Local Pol for seven of the past eight years (and congrats to Mayor Esther Manheimer, who bumped me to No. 2 in 2017).

=I did my best to live up to expectations and am pleased with the team’s successes: single-stream recycling, cutting city carbom emissions by more than 30 percent, LEED building standards, reforms at the Asheville Police Department, more miles of greenway, expanded transit, experiments with new zoning rules and a AAA bond rating that will make infrastructure improvements more affordable for many years to come. (Just to name a few.)

Projects I’m leaving on the table include greater protection for Asheville’s tree canopy, rationalization of short-term-rental regulation and, dearest to my heart, a decade-long effort to create a park opposite the civic center (favored by a majority of our citizens). Primary voters opted for new leadership, and so be it.

If you want to continue the progress this city has made in recent years, to strive to make this a better place for the people who live and work here, to preserve the great things we’ve inherited and navigate the challenges ahead, I hope you’ll join me in voting for Sheneika Smith on Nov. 7. I’ve had an opportunity to get to know Sheneika during this year’s campaign, and she is the real deal.
 Member, Asheville City Council


Kapoor would provide oversight skills on council 

We are fortunate to have a candidate for the Asheville City Council that has the professional background to bring some sense to dealing with the city budget and in the monitoring of expenses.

In my opinion, our current City Council is so focused on funding their special interests and raising taxes to do those projects that they are digging us into an infrastructure hole; and, not adequately funding basic needs for the maintenance and support of basic city services.

Observation: the city is having large cost overruns in the millions; taking on projects that are countywide in scope; staffing of administration is running out of control; there are exorbitant legal fees; little attention is given to the nuts and bolts of operations, however, we run amok with new expenses. The City Council is not holding the city manager accountable and he has gotten nice raises over his tenure.

Look around the city at the number of signs advertising businesses that are out of business. One building was torn down over a year ago and the sign is still up.

Recall 2015 after the budget was approved in June, it was discovered in October that all of the swimming pools were in dire need of repair and replacement.

And, who’s maintaining all of those “greenways?”

Who is asking department heads about their capital and operating budgets, their needs vs. the amount they are granted?

In addition, Vijay Kapoor brings a much-needed representation from the area south of the Parkway to the City Council.
 Former Asheville mayor and city manager 



U.S., world continue to follow path of destruction

America and the world continues down the path to impending destruction because of Man’s failure to follow God’s Word.  In that Word of God, which God entrusted to Jacob/Israel decedents, the Creator set forth rules and laws by which Man was to live by.  Because God loved the world He intended Israel (The keeper of the Word) to be a blessing to the whole world. 

Unfortunately, most of the world has turned against them, God, and the Word of God.  Most are totally unaware that the Holy Bible says, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you.”  Nor do they know God gave ownership of the Holy Land to Israel, forever and ever.  Those who favor dividing that land are going against God Almighty and His commands.  Man brings the curse of God upon themselves.

Through the ages Man’s unbelief caused many to use their brain, composed of some 100 billion cells, which God designed and gave them, to concoct ideas contrary to God’s truth of his creation.  Too late, upon their death, they discovered the truth, when their souls were cast into Hell.  So much for fame and fortune!

Instead of believing God and His Word, most men put their trust in Man’s ideas, such as in evolution and the big bang.  They doubt God’s supernatural powers and credit time and nature for the existence of everything.  But God, the Creator, and His son Jesus (the Word of God), claim they created everything, and that they were there at creation time.  So was the Holy Ghost.  

God proved his existence and power thousands of times. You find that in the Holy Bible. In that Bible, you will find God loves his creation, specially Man, who was created in their image. 

Those who, through unbelief and sin, fail to obey his laws will be judged by those laws. 

Only through God’s salvation plan can one get to heaven.  The blood of Jesus can cover all sins if you believe, repent, and follow Him.
Coalgate, Okla.

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