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Letters to the editor: September 2017
Monday, 04 September 2017 15:42

Trump needs support to handle nation’s issues

Listening to the NPR “news” report on the impaneling of a grand jury to determine why and how Hillary (Clinton) could have possibly lost the 2016 election, it is hard not to ponder the depth of manipulation (think blackmail) that those members of the House and Senate must be under to provide support for this charade, particularly considering  the preponderance of “nothing burgers” and the eight-month effort and expense to date yielding no wrong doing from the Whitehouse.

This distraction all but ignores the exposed crimes of the accusers and their bosses, which have compromised national security, supported an in-house Senate and congressional foreign spy ring and engaged in dirty wars. 

(James) Comey’s BFF (Bob) Mueller is again in charge at a critical moment of treasonous deception (he was appointed five days prior to 9/11 and signed off on that official story, the planes/ fire did it all).

So where is truth? 

Our American history has been so manipulated and flawed that most of us (myself included) were not even told of the existence of our first civilization from 100BC to 400 AD called the Mound Builders that grew outward from the upper Midwest. 

They had populations greater than that of Rome or London and city centers where now sits Cincinnati, St. Louis, Pittsburg and Nashville. 

Some of their earth work structures were as large as 40 acres, aligned to the lunar cycles and all built with the same high math and algebra common to the building of the Egyptian pyramids. Some artifacts found have ancient block Hebrew letters carved into rock, one such has a complete listing of the Ten Commandments, found in Ohio, 1880ish.

True history may also shine some light on why and who is bogging down President Trump in the swamp D.C. is built with (and on). Currently, as of this writing a lawyer named Mueller has hired 18 other lawyers and staff to ultimately protect three to eight other lawyers who are politicians, all paid for using American’s tax dollars.

 In the years following the American Revolution, England and their banks tried repeatedly to take control of America’s new government.

In 1789 and again in 1810 the original 13th amendment to our Constitution was proposed called “The Titles of Nobility Amendment.”

The intention of this law was to restrict those of title, special privileges or bestowed nobility from representing the people of this land by holding any political office.

Of note, the term ”Esquire” was the English version of lawyer and whom this act was intended for. In 1812 the amendment effort was stopped due to war with ….. England, having 12 states voting for it, 2 against and 3 yet to vote (17 states total, requiring 13 to pass, North Carolina. ratified it Dec. 23, 1811). 

Not until 1819 after the war ended did Virginia become the last needed state required to ratify this amendment. 

Confusion, subterfuge and obfuscation followed, (very similar to today) derailing this effort to the extent that individual states did not know the amendment’s outcome and it never did become recognized as a law of the land, though a legally ratified amendment. Ten states and territories listed this 13th amendment as late as 1860 on their official Constitutions.

Lawyers and a legally ratified Amendment to the U.S. Constitution missing, who allowed these human leeches to occupy the front rows and how long will we allow them to rule? 

Like a farmer with his grain stores overrun with mice, the answer is not to burn down the barn but to get rid of the pests, for good. 

The deep state, those who want war, sell illegal weapons, protect drug lines, murder those who threaten them, addict our people to opioids, promote organ harvesting, sell children; this garbage is not Trump. 

He is in there for one reason, and it is the size of a mountain and as nasty as a trapped wildcat. 

Support the man and have faith that good/love will prevail.



Global poverty-reduction affects U.S. economy; don’t cut it in federal budget

Is foreign aid simply aid or is it an investment? 

Look at post-World War II Europe and the Marshall Plan. After the conclusion of the Second World War, the U.S. invested the equivalent of $110 billion in today’s dollars to assist in rebuilding Europe, along with our allies. Today, the U.S. exports $240 billion of goods from the European Union annually.

There is potential for a similar situation with the world’s poorest countries today. As citizens of impoverished countries move from barely surviving into the global middleclass this creates new consumers of U.S. goods and products, which creates more American jobs, in turn boosting our economy. 

While 95 percent of potential consumers of U.S. goods and products live outside our borders, giving aid to these impoverished countries is an untapped resource.

The Borgen Project – an innovative, national campaign – believes that leaders of the most powerful nation should be doing more to address global poverty.

The nonprofit organization presents methods that make the U.S. more effective with existing aid dollars. Effectivity is important since the International Affairs Budget only makes up 0.8 percent of our federal budget.

Bottom-line, protect the International Affairs Budget.

The Borgen Project Advocate


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