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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor: February 2017
Thursday, 02 February 2017 13:24

Help from way up above needed to survive Trump

Let’s see now: Knows more about defeating ISIS yet nominates 4 retired generals for his cabinet.

Mistrusts the FBI and CIA.  Knows a lot about hacking that nobody else knows.  

Hey, we can save tons of money by doing away with Homeland security, the FBI, the CIA and any other agency that’s supposed to be protecting this great nation.  

Just leave everything to ‘Know it all, Do it all, Don’t need any help at all Donald.’  

My take on this? God help us all!!




A Candid Conservative or Rabid Reactionary?

In his ditch-climbing opinion piece of January 2017, Carl Mumpower designates himself “Candid Conservative.”

Come now!

Would not “Rabid Reactionary” be more accurate and to the point?


Mars Hill 


Confirmation bias termed rampant in Ballard column

In Lee Ballard’s recent op-ed about “fake news” (in January’s Daily Planet), he exposes himself as the poster-child for confirmation bias.  

Confirmation bias is the tendency to reject any evidence or information that does not support one’s pre-existing beliefs.  If it’s outside one’s little box of beliefs, then that evidence is rejected without serious consideration or objective evaluation.  Indeed, confirmation bias is the antithesis of objective assessment.

 In his column he makes several assertions about what is true and what is false in support of his argument that we should “vigorously challenge” “fake news.” He also presumes to know what constitutes “legitimate media” and not.  Just for a good laugh, I’d love to see a list of sources that he considers “legitimate media.”

 Ballard, being firmly embedded within the Left-Right paradigm, is painfully and tediously predictable in his opinions.  Left/democrat/liberal sources equals “good” and “true” to him.  Right/Republican/conservative equals “bad” and “false.” That is SO tedious.

 News flash, Lee – the very same international criminal cabal runs both political parties and most of the politicians in the Western world.

 There’s not enough room in a letter-to-the-editor to deal with everything, so I’ll just address two assertions that Ballard makes:

 1. Ballard says that the story about the pedophile ring being run out of a group of small business fronts in Wash. DC is “fake news.”

He even states it incorrectly, by using the straw-man argument that Hillary Clinton is running such an operation.  This reveals Ballard to be woefully uninformed about this issue. As a professional investigator for my entire career, I have spent some 2 months now examining the evidence of this DC pedophile ring and find the evidence of its existence very compelling. 

Ballard probably never even heard the name of the NYC police detective who’s investigated more pedophilia than anyone in the world (and estimates that a shocking 70 percent of high government officials of BOTH parties are involved) and yet he obliviously labels this evidence as “fake news.”

 2.  Ballard says that people being paid to protest at Trump rallies is “fake news.”  I can show Mr. Ballard (1) video interviews with protesters admitting that they were paid to disrupt Trump rallies and (2) the advertisements that were run to recruit such paid protesters!  There is a great deal of evidence that this did indeed occur in many venues.  And yet, Ballard, not even having done a cursory investigation, calls these reports “fake news.”

 (Lest you think I’m just a disgruntled Trump supporter, I’m NOT!  I was a life-long liberal Democrat until I woke up to the fact that the Left-Right paradigm is a method of controlling the people while making them believe they have some degree of control over their government.)

 These are good examples of why labeling anything as “fake news” is tricky business and, if done on an institutional level for masses of people, amounts to nothing less than a Propaganda Ministry run by the government. 

 Our mainstream media is already a Propaganda Ministry run by the aforementioned international organized crime cabal, so the LAST thing we need is to put the Propaganda Ministry in charge of telling us what is true and not.  

Better to leave it to the individual to make their own decisions and to take responsibility for their own beliefs than to impose truth or falsehood upon them by an Orwellian “Ministry of Truth.” 






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