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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the editor: May 2017
Thursday, 04 May 2017 12:49

Is it the Mickey Mouse administration running the U.S.? 

Amidst the chaos, it’s like Goofy trying to call his Mickey Mouse administration to order! 

That’s my impression of Washington, D.C. these days.




Traffic light at post office sought as part of DOT project 


If you live in Leicester, have friends or family there or work there or ever drive by the post office, this concerns you. 

The post office has a petition requesting the Department of Transportation to put a signal light in front of the building. The Leicester Highway is being upgraded from two to four lanes with a 28-foot raised median.

This is a  safety request, as there have been many, many accidents there over the years and we feel that a light could prevent a death or devastating accident. It is located  in a straight-away and cars continuously speed by it.

We have requested a light every time there has been a new road meeting and DOT says we don’t need one. Rather than waiting for a serious accident happening, now that it will be a four-lane road, we have decided to send Raleigh a message that we do need a light at the post office. 

Please contact your friends, family and neighbors and ask them to step into the post office lobby and sign our petition. We need your help and we will be deeply grateful.



Mumpower accused of lacking conservative values

I was taken aback at Mr. (Carl) Mumpower’s article in the April Daily Planet. 

Recently elected as the county RNC chairman, he continues the tradition of tax-and-spend Republicans. 

What happened to pledges for smaller government?

The unsuccessful drug war may have cost as much as the unsuccessful war on poverty propagated by Democrats, but both phony wars failed us. 

Although both certainly transferred huge sums of taxpayer money to various special interest groups. The cost in jails, judges, police and ruined lives that the drug war foisted upon society is not measurable, but the money portion is estimated at $1 trillion and that might not include all police and jail costs.  

Legalization, education, treatment and perhaps some kind of isolation for dangerous addicts would likely cost far less. This type of program would spend money on teachers, schools and therapists rather than guns, police, jails and judges.  It would also mitigate the carnage our drug laws cause in Latin America.

Mr. Mumpower’s premise that more laws, policing and incarceration will solve the problem is yet another expansion of government reach.  

Citing policing in Singapore as an example we should follow is horrific. Death sentences for pot would violate the Constitution, which I am hoping we all still respect.  

Suggesting we re-fight the Vietnam war and relive the terrible strategies implemented by terrible generals is truly pathetic.  

What base is he reaching out to?

This is not the wisdom I expected from RNC leaders.  

I’m independent because none of these people represent me.  





Here’s how to increase voter participation in U.S.

I am an unaffiliated voter and I voted during the 2016 presidential election. I was alarmed about the number of people who did not vote.

I thought that perhaps several changes need to be made to the way our nation elects our president and vice president of the United States. I believe that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. I believe that several amendments should be made to our Constitution that would encourage our eligible voters to vote during presidential elections.

During our presidential election on Nov. 8, 2016, the majority of popular votes by the people did not elect the president and vice president, and a lot of eligible voters did not vote.

The current president won the Electoral College, but he lost the popular votes by nearly 3 million votes. The popular votes should have elected the president of the United States; however, our current president won the Electoral College vote by 306 to 232 votes.  

His opponent had 65 million popular votes and our current president had 62 million popular votes or a difference of 3 million votes. However, 97 million eligible voters did not vote.

The problem with people not voting is due to a lack of interest in the candidates and they know that the 538 Electoral College votes will elect the president. The Electoral College was authorized in the U.S. Constitution in the year 1787, when roads and communications were not good.  The Constitution provided for the electors from their respective states to vote for the president and vice president. The party having the greatest number of Electoral College votes shall be president and vice-president. These electors are equal to the number of U.S. senators and representatives by states.  

I believe that two changes in the U.S. Constitution would encourage voters to participate in presidential election as follows:

1) Eliminate the Electoral College method of electing the president and vice president of the United States and replace this method by people electing the president and vice president by majority of popular votes by party. Our governors, senators, and representatives are elected by popular votes. With our current method of voting by machines, the news organizations know on election night who was elected president.  An amendment should be made to the U.S. Constitution to elect the president and vice president by popular votes. Article V of the U. S. Constitution describes how to amend the constitution by the U.S. Congress, which approves an amendment.  Then the amendment must be sent to the states for ratification.

2) During our presidential elections there should be two national holidays designated for people to get off work to vote.Elections are an important part of our democracy.

I think that these changes would increase the interest of people voting in presidential elections and an additional benefit would probably be to increase the number of eligible candidates running for elective offices.



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