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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor: March 01-14, 2021
Sunday, 28 February 2021 20:45

Cawthorn has 100% backing of BCGOP

There have been several articles in the Asheville Citizen over the last few weeks, disparaging to the newly elected congressman, Madison Cawthorn.

What needs to be understood is that Congressman Cawthorn is representing hardworking, God-fearing citizens in this position and he is following mainstream conservative standards he represents.

Some appreciate the fact that Congressman Cawthorn has the spine to stand up for his belief and he has support for the following beliefs.

I, as chairman of the Buncombe County Republican Party, stand 100 percent behind Congressman Cawthorn!
Buncombe County Republican Party

Thank you, for once, for Sen. Richard Burr

Thank you, Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina — retiring your office and voting truth and conscience. I usually am not a fan, but I am today.


Letter-writer offers answer to a cowardly response 

Recently I received a response to a letter I wrote – “Stand up to the left and Pelosi.”

The writer accuses me of not providing facts, lacking rational thought, embarrassing my children, being a white supremacist, insurrection–loving person, spewing hatred, etc.

It closed with “you people have violent tendencies.” There was no signature, no return address.

Obviously this writer does not know me and makes assumptions based on personal biases and not understanding the concept of free speech.

Letters to Editors are limited to 200 words, thus providing facts and rationalization is limited.  

However, if the writer paid attention to the media – left and right – they would see that the facts presented are accurate.

As for children and grandchildren, I have none. With regard to being a white supremacist, insurrection-loving and violent, the writer has no idea of what they are talking about.

While you may not like what someone writes, it is their right, just as it is yours, to voice their opinion. 

Next time, if you believe what you wrote, don’t be cowardly. Provide your name and address so that we can have a meaningful, non-violent discussion. I promise you, I don’t bite.


Seeking a 2024 candidate to tout ‘Robin Hood Agenda’

I am looking for a 2024 candidate for U.S. president who will run on a “Robin Hood Agenda” that is similar to Huey Long’s “Share the Wealth” agenda.  

Her platform/agenda would include a one-time “national wealth tax” of 20 percent on all individuals who have a net-wealth and net-worth of $10 million and higher.  

It would also include placing a cap on personal fortunes of $60 million and sharing the resulting revenue that is gained with everyone else in the society, especially those who are leading responsible lives.

Perhaps her first priority should be establishing a Canadian-style national health insurance program that will cover every American who wants it.

Addressing climate change and global warming could be next. 
Rochester, N.Y.

Don’t take the jab just yet! Don’t let totalitiarians win

In the movie “The Matrix,” the main character Neo (Keanu Reeves) was presented with the possibility of taking two pills.

The red pill would present him with a life-changing sense of true reality and the blue pill would engender a state of blissful ignorance. 

Most Americans today have swallowed the blue pill fed to them by the corporate media. Consequently, they may never really understand what is going on with the supposed COVID-19 “pandemic.”

To better understand what is going on, one needs to take the red pill of the alt media, where independent and honest citizen-journalists are reporting the real news. The basic fact is that the so-called COVID-19 “pandemic” is not a pandemic.

That can be verified by the government’s own numbers, which report a significantly less than 1 prcent fatality rate. The red pill will allow you to understand that public confusion is being driven by a basic misunderstanding of how the human immune system works.

We are infused with, and surrounded by, a cloud of good germs that protect us from the bad ones. This enveloping swath of microbial protection is referred to as your “microbiome”and it needs contact with the environment and with others to make it strong. It is important to take note that some advances have been made in the understanding and treatment of “corona” family viruses.

Two facts uncovered by health researchers may shed light on what is really going on. The first is that a deficiency of vitamin B1 (Thiamine) mimics the symptoms of a viral infection similar to those being reported for COVID-19. A high number of Americans suffer from this deficiency, particularly elderly Americans.

This deficiency, once known as BeriBeri, can attack the central nervous system depressing immune function. It is caused by drinking too much alcohol, caffeinated beverages and eating nutritionally deficient foods. 

During the “pandemic” lockdowns what do you suppose Americans are doing a lot of? It is a deadly feedback loop of fear that is driving us to partake in bad lifestyle choices and making us more vulnerable to these types of viruses and even fooling us into believing we have COVID-19. 

The second important finding has to do with Lysine therapy. A clinic in the Dominican Republic has had great success with using Lysine to combat novel corona-type viruses.

Health researcher Bill Sardi reports that after years of research, U.S.-based researchers are reporting on the treatment of 30 front-line doctors and nurses, as well as a thousand patients with the amino acid lysine to prevent and even abolish COVID-19 type infections. The success rate has been high manifesting improvement within a few hours of the initial treatment. Since it is a natural treatment, no side effects have been reported.

We have vaccines being proffered as solutions to COVID-19 that have not undergone the normal testing period. They have been rushed to market ostensibly to protect the public and are based on new medical “technology” that affects your RNA. 

RNA translates the codes from your DNA into proteins to carry out vital cellular functions. DNA/RNA work together in this manner. I do not want anyone, other than myself, tampering with my DNA/RNA functions. 

If you are thinking about getting the jab, perhaps you should hold off and see what happens with this first generation of vaccines

It might behoove you to study, in some depth, the operations of the human immune system and consider other ways to bolster its function and then go out and hug a neighbor, have your beloved family over for dinner and go out and smell the roses.

There is no virus waiting in the wind to bite you. This is a myth designed to win your obedience and make you rely on the government for your security.

The last frontier of the totalitarian state is to colonize your body. Don’t let them do it.


Polk County GOP seeks stiff punishment for Burr

The executive board of the Republican Party of Polk County, N.C., has voted to censure (U.S.) Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) for his vote to convict former President Donald J. Trump on one count of “incitement of insurrection” in an impeachment trial. 

Unfortunately, other Republican senators joined Senator Burr in this unconstitutional and cowardly act. 

Senator Burr’s statement attempting to explain his vote is factually inaccurate, constitutionally and logically indefensible and morally bankrupt. 

His recitation of the events of January 6th are wrong and he fails to acknowledge the First Amendment rights of President Trump and his supporters to “peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

Senator Burr attempts to defend the impeachment trial, after previously stating that it would be unconstitutional, by stating that the Senate’s vote “to proceed with this trial’ somehow created a precedent making it constitutional. 

This is an argument so lacking in logic or understanding of constitutional law that we must call it what it is: stupid. 

Someone so lacking in logic, understanding of the constitution and courage is unworthy to be a senator. 

We urge all Republicans to censure, condemn and disavow Senator Burr and to take action to ensure that he receives no further support from the Republican Party. 

We in Polk County will do our part to oppose Senator Burr and work to replace him in the United States Senate at the earliest opportunity with someone worthy of that position.

Further, we are calling upon the North Carolina Republican Party to call for Senator Burr to resign from office and to divest itself from doing any business with Paul Shumaker, political insider and Richard Burr’s political consultant, and his businesses, Capitol Communications and Strategic Partners Solutions.  

This is a time for all Republicans, individually and collectively through the state’s political structure, to stand as one united front for constitutional juris prudence and against the harmful influence of special interests and treacherous leaders within our party.
                                         Acting Chairman
Polk County N.C. Republican Party
Columbus, N.C.


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