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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor: Jan. 1-14, 2021
Friday, 01 January 2021 14:23

Reader rips liberal pundit for ‘ridiculous’ assertions

In last week’s column by Lee Ballard (in the Dec. 15-31 edition of the Daily Planet), the author expresses wonder that 70 percent of President Trump’s supporters believe that the fix was in in the recent presdiential election.

Considering that affidavits numbering at least in the hundreds give eyewitness testimony to serious abnormalities in vote-counting and in the use of voting machines by Dominion, which have been shown to switch votes from Trump to Biden, it is totally understandable that the results are questionable.

Add to that huge numbers of ballots with no signatures, no postmarks and votes known to have been cast for dead people and thousands of balltos from underage voters and illegal aliens and convicted felons, there is more-than-enough evidence to show massive voter fraud.

The most ridiculous assertion Ballard made is that the Democrats are constitutionalists. This is one of the most absurd claims I have ever heard. The Democrats and their allies in “Fake News” and in social media have refused to report on the evidence of voter fraud, and in the case of Twitter and Facebook, have banned information presenting evidence of fraud.

Lest anyone forget, besides the violation of First Amendment rights given above, the Democrats have promised to confiscate firearms in violation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution and have talked many times of doing away with the Electoral College. They have also talked, no threatened, to pack the Supreme Court.

Unlike the four years of obstruction of President Trump and made-up claims of Russian interference and collusion with foreign governments, most notably Russia, and impeachment based on no evidence whatsoever, there is much serious evidence of corruption by Joe Biden and his son (Hunter) — and even by Hillary Clinton.

No, Mr. Ballard, conservatives will not beg to be forgiven for sticking to our patriotic values.





Keep Vance Monument; rename it for MLK Jr.

Instead of removing the Vance Monument, which would be expensive, then finding something to take its place, we should rename it.

Let’s name it the Martin Luther King Jr. Monument. Then Councilwoman Antanette Mosley and others would achieve their goals. This 75-foot historic granite symbol would become a statement that racial injustice and equality have improved for African-Americans.

Renaming the monument would save the City of Asheville much money. Whatever funds that would go to the removal could be spent instead on affordable housing for those who need it. This would better serve the interests of the city and the people of Asheville.






Pandemic called unproven, restrictions termed bogus

It is time for a real revolution in this country.

Local officials are acting like dictators with their edicts about what we must do with our bodies. it has to stop. It has to be made to stop. 

Why are WE THE REAL PEOPLE allowing under-informed local officials to determine how we live, where we go and what we do. 

Frankly, it is none of their damn business. They must be made to back off. What they are doing to us is unconstitutional. 

No laws have been passed saying we must do these things and local ordinances do not cancel the Constitution of the United States. 

Here in Asheville and across the once- great state of North Carolina, we must take the appropriate legal action to stop these local Creons from trying to impose their uninformed will against the good people of this state.

The “pandemic” has not been proven to exist.

In, fact Covid-19 has not been proven to exist by reliable lab-based tests that follow the strict rules of medical verification. 

These new strict mandates that have gone into effect are bogus.

WE THE REAL PEOPLE  have had enough. People are dying from fear and isolation.




Gun-related deaths plunge during the age of COVID

The media recently informed us of a mutated COVID strain that makes the virus much easier for people to get.  

Given the fear people may have about contracting the virus, many countries have stopped all travel from Great Britain.  However, in the U.S., we have taken a wait-and-see attitude.

Let’s apply some logic. Here is an extremely deadly virus entering our country, and yet we have not heard outcries from the left to stop people from bringing it into our country. 

The CDC states that in less than 12 months there are more than 288,287 deaths from COVID. When compared to all deaths this year (2,000,000-plus), it is not such a large number.

However, according to the CDC and the Gun Violence Archive, the total for all gun-related deaths since 2013 is 42,290 deaths. That is 85 percent fewer deaths than COVID deaths.

Given that COVID is more deadly than guns, why is the left not up in arms. There is only one reason – they want to take away our Second Amendment rights in order to better control us. COVID does not provide them any long-term means of control.




Must differentiate between ‘social democrat,’ ‘socialist’

I don’t understand why nationally known Democrats haven’t simply taught the American people what the difference is between a “social democrat”and a “socialist”?

It is so simple. A social democrat wants to keep our market-based capitalist economic system, but wants to have a lot of federal government social programs to help the people. A socialist wants to abolish capitalism and have a socialist economy. 

What is so hard to understand about this? They are not the same thing.

How can someone be a socialist when they want to keep capitalism?

And, if supporting a social program, such as Social Security, makes someone a socialist, then that would make Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and President Kennedy socialists. Really? 

With that line of thinking, most conservative-Republicans are socialists.

It is so simple--to be a socialist you have to want to have a socialist economy, not a capitalist economy. Who has said that they want to abolish our capitalist economy and replace it with a socialist economy? NO ONE has---NOT Joe Biden. NOT Bernie Sanders, NOT AOC. What is not to understand?

It is simply ridiculous to claim that anyone and everyone who is to the political “left-of-center” is somehow some kind of a socialist or communist or Marxist or radical-leftist.

Rochester, N.Y.




Article affirms forecast of Southern heritage genocide

Reading Mr. (Patrick J.) Buchanan’s article on (Robert E.) Lee and (Abraham) Lincoln, (“After Lee, It’s Lincoln’s Turn” on Dec. 18), takes me back to a speech by the Honorable Attorney Kirk D. Lyons more than a decade ago in the slave section of the Taylor family cemetery in Asheville, N.C., as he prophesized that the attacks on Southern heritage and the intense efforts targeting Southern social and cultural genocide were a slippery slope.

First, the Southern Cross, he exclaimed, then the Christian Cross, then the Star of David. Neither Lincoln, nor Washington, nor Jefferson would escape, he warned.

Mr. Lyons was right; Mr. Buchanan just affirmed it; the cultural-Marxist revolution is in high gear.

What people must come to understand is that the attack aimed at the Confederacy is an attack on those who continue to protect the Constitutional Republic. 

Getting rid of them and any remnants of the Confederacy is a win for Marxists and their agenda to change this country.

There are no greater patriots than those whose birthplace of origin is the Southland of America.                                              



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