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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor: November 2018
Thursday, 01 November 2018 22:32

TDA should spend its funds for extra police, not for ads 

Although hotels and short-term rentals don’t directly cause gentrification, the hotel tax does, by increasing housing demand via national advertizing.

Thus, as long as STRs can operate underground and escape the tax, they are not harmful, but as soon as the monopoly cartel catches them and makes them pay, they are; since feeding the TDA advertizing monster attracts the gentrifying hordes, as an “attractive nuisance.”

So I suppose that since local government can’t repeal the hospitality tax, the main tool we have to defund the TDA is by zoning out or generally interfering with any business that pays the tax.

This means supporting anti-STR regulation, but opposing much enforcement, since it is paying the ad tax that causes gentrification and underground STRs don’t until they get caught.

When I raised beef cattle it was the same way I suppose, I wasn’t causing heart attacks as long as I could avoid the Cattlemen’s Association monopoly checkoff fee. It’s the monopoly cartel dues that are the killers, not the industry itself.

 Also, If the TDA wants more police, or any police, they should fund police instead of ads, since property tax is for welfare.                  



Quentin Miller offers best pick for sheriff, reader says

Last month’s Daily Planet front-page article about the sheriff candidates set the stage for the election. 

Buncombe County voters have an important decision to make about which candidate for sheriff will best provide the leadership and experience to insure ongoing public safety.

Managing a $39 million budget, overseeing the county jail, supervising and training deputies, interacting with state and federal agencies, and responding to community concerns are important parts of this difficult position.

Of the three men running, former Asheville Police Department Sergeant Quentin Miller is most qualified to be Buncombe County sheriff. He has 36 years of police experience in the U.S. Army and the local APD. Mr. Miller graduated in advanced law enforcement and administration training. His work in developing community programs is well known.

Quentin Miller seeks a positive future for Buncombe County that includes regular cooperation with other agencies to combat the opioid epidemic, to provide de-escalation training to officers and to increase the safety of all students and adults. He is the best man for a hard job.



Dems urged to stop bashing Trump, start extolling values

I seem to find myself in the minority in today’s national Democratic Party.

I disagree with the tendency of most Democrats (including political candidates for Congress and those in the news media) to constantly bash Donald Trump over his obnoxious personality and his divisive comments.

As very-conservative “Morning Joe” Scarborough has said on his MSNBC show, when Democrats talk negatively about Trump, it just makes his supporters angrier and more protective of him, while corroborating their paranoid belief that the Democrats and the liberal part of the media are out to get Trump.

Rather, as Joe suggests, Democrats need to focus on communicating their values to the people and telling the people how the federal government can be a positive force for good in our society and make life better for all Americans. 

They don’t seem to realize that most Americans agree with them that we need to protect the safety-net programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, College Student Loans, and Unemployment Insurance Benefits.

These are winning issues that we should constantly be talking about, not trashing Trump.
Rochester, N.Y.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Epstein, a retired college professor of sociology and social work, taught at West Virginia University and Slippery Rock University.




Climate change issue solved? Trump so wrong 

So now President Trump who claims to know everything about anything has solved the issue of climate change, saying “I don’t know if it’s man-made” (it is) and implying “It will take care of itself.”

The president also believes that scientists have a “political agenda,” so he would have to see them to decide if they are being truthful about their findings on climate change.

My take on this?

President Trump will say anything and do anything to divert attention from the upcoming FBI investigation results.  

Hopefully those findings will lead to the impeachment or resignation of this inept, shallow, TV-personality-turned-president and put this great nation back on track.





U.S. reaching its tipping point with mobs, abortions

America has reached a dangerous point in its history.  The danger from within is as bad, or worse, than the danger from without. 

We neglected to teach our children America’s History and the History of our LORD, the creator of Heaven and our beloved Earth.

The result of that is a very ungodly America.  With very little to no knowledge of God, the Holy Bible, or of His moral rules of behavior.   

Now we see masked mobs attacking their fellow Americans praying, or going to voting places.  We see leaders suggesting harassment of Republicans and their families where ever they can be found. All this while the police are not allowed to arrest the unlawful evil doers.

Even Hillary, twice presidential candidate, believes their side is civilized.  However, a nation that murders innocent unborn babies, is not a civilized nation. It is a murderous nation in God’s eye.

Because of that, and other ungodly abominations, God will destroy America and the world. 

Most man-of-God now believe that the end of time could occur any day, now that Israel exists as a nation as prophesied.  But God decides when!
Coalgate, Okla.


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