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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor: June 2019
Tuesday, 04 June 2019 11:45

N.Y. Mayor de Blasio’s bid for presidency? Foolish

Why do people in high office enjoy making fools of themselves?

Take New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, for instance. It’s bad enough he’s done such a poor job for his constituents (if he has any left) and he actually thinks he has a chance of becoming president of these United States.  

Following in the footsteps of the current occupant in the White House, Mayor de Blasio has to quickly learn from the traits of President Donald Trump... You know — lying, cheating, tweeting misinformation, draft-dodging, etc., to make a formidable candidate.

Bandleader Les Brown had a hit record honoring the N.Y. Yankees’ great Joe DiMaggio’s 56-game hitting streak and the title was “Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio.”

There’s a line in that tune that goes: “Joe, Joe DiMaggio, we want you on our side.’  

How about we paraphrase that line thusly: “Bill, Bill de Blasio, We DON’T want you on our side!”

That about does it, folks.

Repro rights backers urged to expand vasectomy rights

The reproductive rights movement needs to redouble our efforts to expand youth vasectomy rights, last I heard, below age 23.

We must recognize that just because some youth would like to have children someday; that does not mean that such desires always are, or ever will be, their first priority; or that later possible regrets about infertility are either more important or legitimate than either of the two opposite regrets, unwanted children or abstinence.

Dem fears his party might win election ... for Trump

I want to preface my letter by stating that I consider myself to be “on the side” of minorities as I happen to be one myself and have experienced my share of the prejudice and discrimination that minorities (and women) face a great deal more of than I do on a daily basis.

I fear that Donald Trump will probably win re-election because we Democrats might win it for him.  Most of the national Democrats seem to believe that they ALWAYS have to over-reach, go overboard, and go to ridiculous extremes to defend, be on the side of, and make lame excuses for, all members of minority groups (and illegal immigrants) because they need their VOTES and want their votes one day. It is my belief that this puts-off a lot of the undecided and “moderate” voters who will determine which party wins in 2020.

Take the current example of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who happens to be a Muslim.

For her to casually and flippantly dismiss the tragedy of what happened on 9/11 by saying that “Some people did something” was totally morally WRONG.  It was WRONG of her to trivialize and minimize the horror of what happened. It was disrespectful and highly insensitive. She came across as being unpatriotic and not loyal to the USA. Plain and simple. Why can’t Democrats admit that? I agree with many of her liberal/progressive views, but I don’t give her a “pass” for those offensive remarks. No one should.

If we Democrats stopped pandering and grovelling for votes and, instead, focused primarily on fighting for our federal government to do MORE to help the lower and middle classes with their economic and financiaL struggles and problems, as our allies do, we would EASILY defeat Trump and win the Congress.
Rochester, N.Y.
EDITOR’S NOTER: Epstein, a Democrat, is running against  incumbent Congressman Chris Collins, R-N.Y., for the seat that represents western New York. Collins was the first sitting U.S. representative to endorse Donald Trump for president of the United States, and he served on Trump’s presidential transition team.


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