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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor: April 2020
Wednesday, 01 April 2020 11:48

Bye, bye Bernie Sanders: Dems suffer Bern-out!

Suffice it to say, the (Bernie) Sanders campaign is suffering from a severe case of Bern-out!



‘You Can Trust the Democrats?’ Yeah, right!

 I was a ninth-grader when my father wrote a thesis entitled “You Can Trust the Communists” while attending the Air Force’s Command and Staff College.

It dealt with the tenants of communism and their desire to dominate the entire world. This letter focuses  on the United States’ Democrat Party and its inclination towards socialism and its red-headed stepchild, communism. 

Socialism is the vesting of control and the means of production in the community as a whole. The trouble is, vesting tends to be in the hands of a very powerful few who live very well while the “community” toils for scraps and gives most of their earnings for the “greater good.” 

Socialism sounds like utopia to some, but to remain in power the socialist leadership must maintain tight control over the people lest they overthrow the leaders. 

This can mean fences or walls (the Iron Curtain), travel and border restrictions (Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, North Korea, China, Iran, etc.) or re-education camps/prisons (China, Vietnam, Russia, Iran, Venezuela and others). 

Oh, you might say, those are communist, not socialist countries, but communism is a branch or descendent of socialism and is oftentimes the result of adopting socialism. Remember, the USSR before it fell was the  “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics,” which morphed into communism. 

While serving in NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), I took my wife and girls to the Iron Curtain at the inner German border to show them what “socialism/communism” looks like. 

As we approached a high, barbed-wire fence topped with razor wire, a sign read “Achtung!” advising us to come no closer. 

Peering through the fence, we could see two or three more high fences deeper in East Germany with attack dogs ranging back and forth. 

There was a guard tower with weapons pointed in our direction. This was done to keep  people in, not necessarily to keep us out. Not many people want to break into a prison. 

Sound like a Utopia to you? Oh, you say like Bernie Sanders, that you are not talking about that brand  of socialism, but “democratic socialism,” like Norway and Sweden. 

I lived in Norway and experienced  socialism. Bureaucratic types don’t care if they help you or not, since they get paid the same regardless. It took me a full day to get tags for our car. I was sent to Oslo for physical therapy, a full three months after I was referred. Their brand of democratic socialism only survives by being propped up by  North Sea oil. 

While recently visiting my family’s homeland of Scotland, we stayed at a working sheep and horse farm run by Mary W. She told us she lost her husband recently to cancer because he had to wait months for tests and died in the interim. 

These  kind of things democratic socialists never address, because it destroys “Utopia.” 

If you buy the elixir spouted by democratic socialists (free everything, wealth transfer, etc.), then you can “trust democrats “ to take us down the same paths as Venezuela, Cuba, China and former USSR. 

Next installment (letter), I’ll talk about Thanksgiving at the Russian border in Norway, and not seeing the sun for months, much like living behind the iron curtain, or under socialist domination....


Don't call all Dems 'socialists'

I am already getting emails from conservative-Republican candidates calling all Democrats “socialists” when I don’t think that any of the national-level Democrats are truly “socialists” at all. 

None. To me, they are all “liberals” and “progressives” who are NOT advocating for the abolition of our market-based capitalist economic system and who simply want to develop a MORE “HUMANE” capitalism, which has more new federal government social programs to help people.

They want the USA to be more like our allies in Canada, Western Europe and Scandinavia. 

I don’t consider these countries to be “socialist.” These countries don’t consider themselves to be “socialist.” It is mostly USA conservative-Republicans who do. 


Because it is an easy, but less than honest, WEAPON to use against Democrats.

What many Americans don’t seem to understand and “get” is that simply supporting federal goverment social programs, such as Social Security and Medicare that help people, do NOT make one a “socialist.” 

If that were the case, then Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon were “socialists” because Ike signed “Social Security Disability” into existence and Nixon signed “Supplemental Security Income” (SSI) into existence.

Rochester, N.Y.

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